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Hello, I'm back. Yeah, I know it's been a while. If you haven't seen in my other callout packs, I lost all of my working data for FivePD related code, and as such I've had to recreate a lot of this from scratch, or with limited access to older builds. At this time, I've reintroduced Homicide and Overdose into the mix, and intend to update 911 Hang-up and Shoplifting at a later time. The latter were total losses as far as I'm concerned, but I will rebuild them eventually. As I do, I have several smaller releases I'll be dumping over the coming weeks as I find more basic and everyday situations I want to have represented in my own game in a fashion that provides a bit more realism with respects to the AI.




  • A caller is reporting the discovery of a dead body, and dispatch is requesting an officer to respond code 3.
  • Upon officer arrival, the body can be approached to discover observational information about the victim via a notification.
  • The witness can be interacted with by pressing "E" to progress through their dialogue, and is ready to spill the beans about what they saw.
  • The victim can be search by pressing "E", to which you'll discover clues to help you in your investigation.
  • After investigating and receiving a description of the murder suspect, investigate the area -- they may still be around.
  • If your suspect becomes aggressive and dies, or an "accident" happens, you can search the suspect's corpse for clues by pressing "E".
  • There are a total of five different killer profiles, 32 hand picked locations, and a 50/50 chance as to whether or not the murder suspect will flee or simply continue to attempt to act natural upon discovery.
  • Click here to see a video demo of the homicide callout.



  • A caller is reporting some suspicious activity within a clothing store, respond and investigate.
  • Locate the shoplifting suspect and interact with them by pressing "E" to progress through the dialogue.
  • After hearing their story, make a decision on how you'll respond -- are they a career criminal, or are they down on their luck? Are you a by-the-book cop, or perhaps someone who occasionally will let one slide?
  • There are a total of five different shoplifter profiles, and all 14 clothing stores across San Andreas available.



  • [SCENARIO ONE]: A caller is reporting a vehicle occupied by a driver who is slumped over. When they looked in the window, they saw a bottle of prescription pills open in the passenger seat. They believe the victim has overdosed, respond code 3 and administer narcan.
  • [SCENARIO TWO]: A caller is reporting an overdose at a residence. Respond code 3, speak with the witness on-scene, administer narcan, and investigate.
  • Locate the vehicle, pull the victim out of the car, and administer narcan by pressing "E".
  • There is a chance the victim will succumb to the overdose.
  • Search the vehicle and the victim to gather more information on their story and to help influence your response and resolution.
  • There are a total of five different possible vehicle and victim inventory setups/scenarios.



  • Dispatch received a call that was silent, and then disconnected in a matter of seconds. Dispatch attempted to contact the caller, but could not get in touch with them. Dispatch is requesting a unit to respond and investigate the scene, the location of the call has been patched through.
  • This callout features 27 possible locations scattered across San Andreas, and by default has no department restrictions.
  • There are five distinct possible scenarios, each with their own individual possible outcomes, and a variety of AI behavior.
    • Possible scenarios include: an elder who is unsure of how to operate their phone, a prank call, a kidnapping, a murder, or an ambush.
    • If the situation calls for it, approach the individuals and press "E" to speak to individuals on scene.



  • There are no planned feature updates at this time.



  • Overdose
    • Actively working on adjustments to notifications and alerts featured in the overdose callout. It may feel a little spammy, or perhaps intrusive at times, but for now it is what it is.
  • Homicide
    • The pier location has a bit of an occasional janky spawn for the murderer, and as such you may encounter them sooner than intended. This in recent tests has been less prominent, though may occur.


If you experience any bugs, or want to just share an idea for this pack with me, please feel free to get into contact with me.

Edited by SGTPayne

What's New in Version 1.4.3   See changelog


[v1.4.3] CHANGELOG


  • Updated for latest API compatibility.
  • Removed dialogue progression via "E" key, instead added relevant dialogue into the FivePD Callout Questions feature.
  • Removed ability to search dead ped by pressing "E" key, instead peds can now be searched, dead or alive, via the standard ped interactions featured in FivePD.
  • Adjusted certain dialogue lines as I think I was drunk when I wrote some of them.
  • Adjusted certain spawn points.
  • Adjusted text when making observations regarding dead peds to account for the removal of dead ped item searching via the "E" key functionality in previous versions.
  • Added some additional minor variances.
    • Witnesses may now provide less-than-stellar accounts of what the suspect looks like.



  • Updated for latest API compatibility.
  • Removed dialogue progression via "E" key, instead added relevant dialogue into the FivePD Callout Questions feature.
  • Removed ability to search dead ped by pressing "E" key, instead peds can now be searched, dead or alive, via the standard ped interactions featured in FivePD.
  • Adjusted certain dialogue lines as I was definitely drunk when I wrote some of them.



  • These callouts are having to be rebuilt from scratch, similar to some of my other callouts due to data loss of the original working files. These will be added back in reworked and updated at a later date. As for now, I figured I'd at least give you folks homicide and overdose back. Currently, I am prioritizing creating a new callout set of some basic, more simple style callouts that will create a less frustrating environment with respects to AI behaviors and awkward spawns/situations/MLG level aim/etc. There is absolutely no ETA on any future updates for any of my work, nor do I intend to provide one as a result of my demanding work schedule. Thank you for understanding.

Developed by SGT. Payne.

Testing by SGT. Payne, ykcir30.

Special thanks to ykcir30 for assisting during brainstorming sessions to come up with appropriate callouts.

Special thanks to the San Andreas Department of Public Safety community.

All liveries featured in screenshots were created by Echo Wolf.

Can you add this feature I want?

Strong maybe. Send me a DM here.


How do I install this?

Simply drag the .dll into your FivePD callouts folder. Plug and play, baby!


I used to press 'E' to talk to peds in your callouts, what do I do now?

Please use the features integrated in recent FivePD versions via the Callout Questions menu.

You may use this file in any server with the exception of for-profit servers.

You may not redistribute, repost, or otherwise share this file in any way that is not performed directly via linking this specific upload.

You may not attempt to profit from this code. If your server is for profit, this call-out should not be used.

You may not modify this call-out without my permission.

You may not upload this to any other website, this call-out was developed specifically for my friend group and ultimately I've decided to share it with the GPM community.

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