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Bone County Sheriff Pack 1.0.0

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13 Screenshots

Red County Sheriff Office Pack by SCPDUnit23. Contains the following:
-2011 Ford F150
-2012 Dodge Charger
-2012 Ford Explorer
-2015 Dodge Charger
-2011 Ford CrownVictoria



Feel free to ask me about stuff on my discord: https://discord.gg/2mcthBH

2011 Ford CrownVictoria:
- Grimm 
- Reckless 
- Driver SF/Ubisoft 
- Bxbugs123

2003 Impala:
- Schaefft (model)
- Bxbugs123 (edits, parts)
- ThatOneIowan (slimlighter)

2012 Ford Taurus
- Grimm
- ThatOneIowan
- Reckless
- Bxbugs123
- Tazzzjor
- TraumaPak
- Anyone I may have missed

2012 Ford Explorer:
- Electronic Arts
- Ripped by DMN 
- Rehasher 
- Turn 10 Studios
- Racingfreak 
- Grimm 
- Reckless
- ThatOneIowan

2011 Ford F150:
- Grimm (models/edits and parts)
- ThatOneIowan (models/edits and parts)
- Reckless (models/edits and parts)
- Bxbugs123 (models/edits and parts)
- wja (conversion 2011 F150)
- Ubisoft/Driver SF (2011 F150 model)

All lightbars and pushbars by thatoneiowan.

If I forgot to credit someone DM me!

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