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    [ Work in Progress ] Alaska State Troopers Livery's
    Texture Type: Police
    Work in Progress Alaska State Trooper Livery's 
    What's Coming in the next update    
    Blue Version of these livery's 
    Subdivision Livery's for Alaska State Police 
    The List 
     Alaska State Park Ranger  Alaska K9 Unit Patrol   
    Submitted by Officerlawrence in Textures  
    2   46  
    Los Santos 2016 Explorer | Oak Bluffs Based
    Texture Type: Police
    Well, I was bored today so I made this skin. I enjoy making MA based cars so this just thought right. Its based off of Oak Bluffs and same with the logo. It is made for Kanes Explorer btw.
    The Vehicle Used For Screenshots:
    Submitted by AstroLiam in Textures  
    15   155  
    Richelieu Saint-Laurent, Police Service 4k
    Texture Type: Police
    So I made this up since I thought it looked cool at around 1-2am, I hope you enjoy it!
    For those who don't know this is a police force from Quebec, Canada.

    Model Used in Pictures, not limited to:
    Submitted by OfficerAlexander in Textures  
    1   73  
    FDNY F550 Ambulance Skin
    Texture Type: EMS
    FDNY ambulance skin that I made a while ago but thought I should just release it so here it is.

    Submitted by AstroLiam in Textures  
    4   125  
    Wisconsin State Capitol Police Texture [4K]
    Texture Type: Police
    Vehicle Texture Based off of Wisconsin State Capitol Police 
    This Texture Will fit on Kane's16FPIU 
    More Texture's for various cars in the upcoming weeks

    Submitted by WiscoBoyDesigns in Textures  
    10   74  
    LSPD Pack
    Texture Type: Police
    LSPD texture pack
    for a 2018 charger, 2018 Tahoe, and 2021 Tahoe. I created this texture to pair with Othrin's sheriff pack! They work Perfectly together! More textures coming soon to include a K9 and more. will also be working on a State pack to pair with these textures aswell. 
    2011 CVPI has Police, Task Force, Traffic Unit, and Community Outreach Team
    2013 F350 San Andreas Medical Examiner (Coroner)
    2014 Charger has Police and Traffic Unit Textures, more coming soon
    2016 Express has prisoner transport texture
    2016 FPIU has Police, Traffic Unit, Task Force, and K9
    2018 charger has a Police and Traffic Unit Texture, more coming soon
    2018 Tahoe has Police, Traffic Unit, Task Force and Supervisor textures, K9 coming soon
    2020 Silverado has a sergeant, K9, Task force, police textures
    2020 FPIU has a Traffic unit, K9, Task Force, Police textures
    2021 Tahoe has a Police Texture, more coming soon
    Vehicles Used:

    Install Instructions can be found in the read me text along with credits. 
    Submitted by RyPrideaux in Textures  
    129   3959  
    [4k] Blaine County Sheriff Office Mini Livery Pack
    Texture Type: Police
    About Info
    This is a work in progress pack for only lore friendly vehicles, this design is based off of Marin County Sheriff's office. Theirs nothing more to be said about this pack, it will be updated often which will include more vehicle liveries every week. Hope you enjoy and stay tune for a mega pack!
    Supported Vehicles 
    Nachtfliege - New Vapid Scout
    Old Scout 
    Found a issue with the textures? Let me know what is wrong, in a detailed reply/review and I will fix it
    Submitted by DeputyBean in Textures  
    5   113  
    Paleto Bay Township Texture Mini Pack [4k/2k]
    Texture Type: Police
    Just a small mini pack I recently put together. Nothing special, just two vehicles, but considering the size of Paleto, I feel this fits well.
    This pack will not see any updates nor any add on's. Only updates will come if there are any issues or bugs I missed.
    Do not repost this or redistribute this as your own. You can use this in FiveM, I don't care, just do not try to pass this off as your own and credit it me when need be.
    I am not responsible for any issues with your game. As long as these are placed in the right spots, you'll be smooth sailing.
    It is meant to fit this pack by Ferious below. You do not have to use this pack as the textures will work on any vehicle with the same base (Georgiemoon's FPIS or Kane's FPIU)
    Submitted by Steezens in Textures  
    19   199  
    Grapeseed Township Police Mini-Pack
    Texture Type: Police
    Grapeseed Township Police Mini-Pack 1.0
    I'm still a newbie, however I am getting better! Please be kind in the comments.
    Usual things apply, please no re uploading or anything of that kind.
    This uses Ripples' LCSO Liberty Pack addon/replace pack [ ] (only the 2014 Tahoe and 2011 CVPI)
    I AM planning on expanding this pack further with more vehicles, and maybe updating the Tahoe so it is not as "blank" as I think it looks currently.
    This livery package is not based on any department, I came up with the design, however simple it may be. 
    I suggest you use the replace version of this pack so that you don't have AI riding around in these rigs, and so they don't take up any of your precious vehicle slots.

    Join my discord for exclusive WIPS, fun chats, and giveaways!
    Submitted by yatt in Textures  
    6   78  
    Oklahoma State Trooper Livery
    This is a livery based off of Oklahoma State Trooper this is a 2018 Charger, Come join my discord
    Submitted by Pigpyle Modifications in Textures  
    4   132  
    [4K] LSPD Mini Pack
    [4K] LSPD Mini Pack includes 5 vehicle textures.

    Pack Includes:
    2018 Charger
    2021 F250
    2016 FPIU
    2018 Tahoe
    2010 Charger
    Submitted by Synergy Designs in Textures  
    26   416  
    [4K] University Police Livery
    Texture Type: Police
    This livery was based off of the SUNY Potsdam University Police Department in St Lawrence County, Upstate NY. The department only uses a 2016-19 FPIU, so to keep some sense of realism, I have only made a livery for said vehicle.
    Note: This livery was fitted to Kane's 2018 FPIU Base.
    Submitted by SimonNYP in Textures  
    22   255  
    FDNY Battalion Chief Liveries.
    Texture Type: Fire
    Hello, thanks for downloading my free FDNY skins. I have also made a lore friendly one that has a LSFD skin. I have based it of the GMC however the skin is for a RAM. This is just because I love the base on this vehicle and RedSaints has done a great job on it. I hope you check out his other work.
    I have always loved New York and the FDNY always holds a part in my heart, and I wanted to do this because it is September. I have added some names of firefighters that passed away on September 11th.
    Vehicle Used: 
    Submitted by AstroLiam in Textures  
    7   182  
    Mirror Park PD Livery Mini-Pack [4K][Swarthmore, PA Based]
    Texture Type: Police
    Mirror Park PD Mini Livery Pack | Made by: LSPDFR Pics
    Fit to Kane104's 2016 Explorer & GeorgieMoon's 2018 Tahoe
    Installation Path:
     Replace the.ytd files with the ones provided in this download, regardless if you did addon or replace.
       Inspired by: Swarthmore Borough, Pennsylvania Police
      Vehicles Used: Ripple
      Liveries: LSPDFR Pics
    DO NOT distribute this content without my permission! This includes liveries and the screenshots. 
    DO NOT use the liveries in a clan or group without my explicit permission. THIS APPLIES TO FIVEM TOO.. Just ask me.
    Please do not upload this file or a part of it to any other website without permission from me.
    I accept no responsibility for any damage caused to your PC, game, or anything else. 
    DO NOT rip, dismantle or change the livery in any way.
    Join my Social Networks:
    Discord -
    Twitter - @LSPDFR_Pics
    YouTube - LSPDFR_Pics
    Submitted by LSPDFR Pics in Textures  
    10   219  
    West Virginia State Police Taurus
    Texture Type: Police
    Hello And Thank You For Downloading My LSPD Livery Pack.
    Hey, thanks for checking my free WVSP skin. I was bored and didn’t know what to do so why not make a free skin. It was made quickly so it’s a little bit of a rush. If you want to learn more about my work, I am still looking for some people who want customs orders and only have 2 spots left.
    Submitted by AstroLiam in Textures  
    17   257  
    Liberty City Livery Pack
    Texture Type: Police
    I recently installed the liberty city map onto my FivePD server, and when I tried looking for some liberty city police liveries and I couldn't find any so I decided to make my own and release them to the public!

    This is a small pack that I will be updating soon, it contains 7 liveries total.

    11 CVPI (Otaku)
    16 FPIU (Kane) 
    18 Charger (Matt)

    These cars work with the liveries:
    Submitted by mbellamy752 in Textures  
    4   318  
    BCSO Dept. of Corrections Tahoe Livery | Stealth Unit Livery
    Texture Type: Police
    Blaine County Sheriff Office livery and a Stealth DOC livery also included. 
    Submitted by TF1A3 in Textures  
    29   256  
    East Midlands Ambulance Texture
    Texture Type: EMS
    Comes With.

    Join my discord:

    If you need any help. You can gain support in my discord.
    Submitted by Sarge316 in Textures  
    7   172  
    SanTrans F-150 Livery
    Texture Type: Other
    A single SanTrans  vehicle livery for Gate's/GeorgieMoon's awesome 2018 F-150 Work truck
    Submitted by DeputyBean in Textures  
    13   223  
    [4k] LASD Livery Pack
    Texture Type: Police
    About Info
    I decided to release this WiP pack to the public, this pack is a real life replica of Los Angeles Sheriff Department. As it stands right now it contains 3 vehicles, a crown Victoria, 13' Tahoe and a 16' Explorer. I plan on making this a Mega Pack with over 20 liveries, For 4  liveries per vehicle. I hope you enjoy this starter pack and stay tuned for more updates!
    Supported Vehicles 
    Underwood's - 11' CVPI
    GeorgieMoon's - 13' Tahoe
    Kane104 - 16' Explorer
    Future Vehicle/Liveries
    13' Explorer
    Prison Bus
    SEB Truck(s)
    16' Tahoe'
    East L.A.
    Santa Clarita Valley
    Found a issue with the textures? Let me know what is wrong, in a detailed reply/review and I will fix it
    Submitted by DeputyBean in Textures  
    24   479  
    Alabama State Trooper Mini Skin Pack
    Texture Type: Police
    This is a mini pack that is a demo for my upcoming Alabama state trooper ultra mega skin pack that will include 24 original vehicle skins and 48 total with ghost liveries and will be 8K.
    Please appreciate my work as it is 1 on 1 as irl vehicles.
    the liveries work on Georgies 2018/2020 Tahoe and Kane104 FPIU
    If you need install help look at instructions in the downloaded file
    if you have any questions, comments or concerns please join my developing server!
    Submitted by Lavish Designs in Textures  
    9   226  
    [4k] Los Santos PD Livery Pack
    Texture Type: Police
    About Info
    This Livery Pack is based off of Burbank Police Department, it contains six liveries for six different vehicles (listed below) this pack has been completed unless some minor texture issues are found. This pack matches the Burbank PD fleet exactly, especially with the decal texture model. I hope you enjoy the pack!
    Supported Vehicles 
    Underwood's - 11' CVPI
    Tanner's/Desmond's - 13' explorer
    GeorgieMoon's - 13' Tahoe
    Kane104 - Caprice
    Kane104 - Explorer
    Found a issue with the textures? Let me know what is wrong, in a detailed reply/review and I will fix it
    Submitted by DeputyBean in Textures  
    13   386  
    Raytown MO pumper / rescue
    join mi
    based  office Raytown Missouri FD
    Submitted by Chase123 in Textures  
    7   222  
    [4k] Blaine County Sheriff Office Livery Pack
    Texture Type: Police
    About Info
    Hello all, have you been looking for a California based sheriff department livery pack? Maybe your in the right place , these liveries are based off of the San Diego County Sheriff Department. This vehicle pack contains five textures for five vehicles (listed down below) every vehicle is perfectly matched to the real life cars besides some exceptions. To make this pack more diverse I made liveries for  vehicles that SDCSD doesn't use,  I hope you enjoy this livery pack.
    Supported Vehicles 
    UnderWood's - 11' CVPI
     Matt Peralta's  - 16' Charger
     Desomond's/Tanner's - 13' explorer 
    GeorgeMoon's - Tahoe 
    Kane104  - Explorer
    Found a issue with the textures? Let me know what is wrong, in a detailed reply/review and I will fix it
    Submitted by DeputyBean in Textures  
    12   329  
    San Andreas Fire Department Command Vehicle Liveries (Fairfax County, VA Based)
    Texture Type: Fire
    Here are some liveries I made a while back based off Fairfax County. Irl they primarily use F-250's but id rather use this truck. More will be coming, leave suggestions in my discord on what you would want added. 

    Submitted by Luminous Designs in Textures  
    11   226  
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