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Latest files from Grand Theft Auto SA

Thin blue line keyring | Aurora Development
Model Status: Unlocked
Today I am releasing this for dev's to put on their EUP or inside their vehicle's etc...
You can use this on your belt's, Some thing to put on the dashboard of your vehicle
or even make it 10x bigger and sit it on a flatbed if you like.
I do not care what you do with it, As you long as whatever you do, does NOT put a bad reputation
on Aurora development and you follow TOS. Oh and you MUST give credit.
       ^ Discord link ^
Submitted by JamesA5909 in Dev Support  
1   267  
LAPD Pack w/skins
Model Status: Unlocked
LAPD Pack w/Skins
This pack includes:
2012 Dodge Charger
2011 Ford Crown Victoria
2017 Chevy Caprice PPV
2006 Chevy Tahoe
LAPD Swat truck x2
Unmarked 2011 Ford Crown Victoria
Unmarked 2006 Chevy Tahoe
Submitted by ChiefLaw in Police  
120   1695  
United States Coast Guard 2015 Tahoe.
Model Status: Unlocked
I love USCG  but US Marines still the best ? (i love both)
"Semper Paratus."
So errr, enjoy... I guess? I was about to make a CVPI to but err, I'm lazy.
Submitted by ANZACSoldiers1966 in Police  
45   935  
LAFD Dodge Ram Ambulance 1500
Model Status: Unlocked
This file includes a LAFD Dodge Ram Ambulance, along with a photo of the real ambulance and a photo of it in-game
Submitted by ChiefLaw in Fire / EMS  
78   1605  
Los Santos Sheriff ELS 2011 Vic.
Model Status: Unlocked
one of my ELS pack for LS-RP peeps, SCV still in my side lol.
Submitted by ANZACSoldiers1966 in Police  
50   1056  
2011 Unmarked CVPI V3
Model Status: Unlocked
2011 Unmarked CVPI V3
Submitted by BiggySmallz in Police  
31   906  
2011 Unmarked CVPI V2
Model Status: Unlocked
2011 Unmarked CVPI V2
Submitted by BiggySmallz in Police  
28   794  
CHP Pack
Model Status: Unlocked
My version of a CHP pack.
Submitted by BiggySmallz in Police  
54   1481  
BiggySmallz Color Mod & ENB Settings(plus timecyc)
BiggySmallz Color Mod & ENB Settings(plus timecyc)
Submitted by BiggySmallz in Scripts / Misc  
80   1103  
BiggySmallz' 2012 GTA SA Pack
Model Status: Unlocked
Enjoy one of my super old packs.
Please read the readme file inside the zip.
Pack comes with different wheel options.
Submitted by BiggySmallz in Police  
37   937  

Popular files

LSPDFR Pack Immersif [FRENCH]
Script Type: LSPD:FR
Version actuelle: 2.4
LSPDFR Pack Immersif vous propose une dizaine de plugins déjà configurés pour un maximum d'immersion avec le pack complet 100% France ! Les patrouilles et véhicules de renforts ont été soigneusement configurés pour vous permettre d'appeler en renforts des brigades spécialisés comme la BAC, le RAID, le GIGN, le Deminage, les services de secours (SAMU,Pompiers..) ! Pensez à configurer vos touches pour chaque plugins dans les fichiers .ini
Le mod contient le plugin VocalDispatch qui vous permettra de pouvoir appeler des renforts et d'effectuer un tas d'autres actions via votre micro en jeu, tout cela traduit en Français
Pour obtenir de l'aide et suivre nos mises à jours vous pouvez nous rejoindre sur discord:
Télécharger et installer le pack complet 100% France (Version 2.6+): 
 Télécharger et installer ces plugins:
1. Glissez tout les éléments présents dans le dossier Grand Theft Auto V à la racine de votre jeu
2. Remplacez les fichiers si l'on vous le demande
3. Configurer vos touches sur chaque fichiers .ini du dossier Plugins/LSPDFR
4. Lancer votre jeu via Rage Plugin Hook
Packs compris dans le pack immersif:
- French Stop the Ped
- French Compulite
Submitted by Thorngard in Scripts / Misc
Military Police [EUP 8.2]
Model Status: Locked Model Type: Police
Info in readme.

Submitted by teamgamer36 in Ped Models / EUP
Police Uniform Trousers/Pants
Model Status: Unlocked Model Type: Police
This mod retextures tykus's cropped male & female pants to police duty pants. This improves the uniform and makes the trousers/pants less formal. I can't stand the orginal GTA 5 police pants like many people who play LSPDFR and FiveM and deciced when a better model came out I would create textures to make the police uniform better. The orginal mod changes the model and replace the orginal formal style pants with better looking pants for police uniforms. Textures are for LSPD, LSSD, Ranger, BCSO and SAHP. The textures are for standard EUP uniforms. I will do a update once I finally get LSPD's uniform a slightly better colour match as the pants are slightly darker and I want to colour match better.
You will need the orginal mod in order for this texture mod to work;
FiveM/Element Club Argentum
Single Player Installation
Find Paths
Single Player Male:
Install path: mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\mpchristmas2018\dlc.rpf\x64\models\cdimages\mpchristmas2018_male.rpf\mp_m_freemode_01_mp_m_christmas2018
Single Player Female:
Install path: mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\mpchristmas2018\dlc.rpf\x64\models\cdimages\mpchristmas2018_female.rpf\mp_f_freemode_01_mp_f_christmas2018
Then replace both the textures and the models from those paths
You will need to download the orginal mod for the actual model, in order for the mod to work correctly. See link at the top of the page.
FiveM Installation
1. Drag and drop the textures and the models into your EUP stream folder;
resourses > eup-stream > stream
2. To add the models to the stream folder, first add below file names to the models;
lowr_005_u (example)
3. Once you have changed the trousers/pants model to above, drag and drop them into your EUP stream folder
Please be aware that you need FiveM Element Club Argentum in order to stream custom clothing. 
Special thanks to tykus for allowing me to upload new textures
My Discord:
Server: FivePD The 90's 
Florida Highway Patrol EUP (8.2)
Model Status: Locked Model Type: Police
This was made for suggestions to add onto the pack! It currently has the following, Class A, B, and c shirts, 1 pair of pants, a custom campaign hat made by reckle, and custom chevrons!!!!
Please leave suggestions and errors!
[NON-ELS] 2014 Dodge Charger PPV [FiveM-Ready]
ELS: No Model Status: Locked
Nothing special just a car I made because I was bored

JP Development Discord
Submitted by JakeTheSnake in Police
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