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Latest files from Grand Theft Auto SA

Thin blue line keyring | Aurora Development
Model Status: Unlocked
Today I am releasing this for dev's to put on their EUP or inside their vehicle's etc...
You can use this on your belt's, Some thing to put on the dashboard of your vehicle
or even make it 10x bigger and sit it on a flatbed if you like.
I do not care what you do with it, As you long as whatever you do, does NOT put a bad reputation
on Aurora development and you follow TOS. Oh and you MUST give credit.
       ^ Discord link ^
Submitted by JamesA5909 in Dev Support  
1   64  
LAPD Pack w/skins
Model Status: Unlocked
LAPD Pack w/Skins
This pack includes:
2012 Dodge Charger
2011 Ford Crown Victoria
2017 Chevy Caprice PPV
2006 Chevy Tahoe
LAPD Swat truck x2
Unmarked 2011 Ford Crown Victoria
Unmarked 2006 Chevy Tahoe
Submitted by ChiefLaw in Police  
106   1337  
United States Coast Guard 2015 Tahoe.
Model Status: Unlocked
I love USCG  but US Marines still the best ? (i love both)
"Semper Paratus."
So errr, enjoy... I guess? I was about to make a CVPI to but err, I'm lazy.
Submitted by ANZACSoldiers1966 in Police  
36   718  
LAFD Dodge Ram Ambulance 1500
Model Status: Unlocked
This file includes a LAFD Dodge Ram Ambulance, along with a photo of the real ambulance and a photo of it in-game
Submitted by ChiefLaw in Fire / EMS  
69   1244  
Los Santos Sheriff ELS 2011 Vic.
Model Status: Unlocked
one of my ELS pack for LS-RP peeps, SCV still in my side lol.
Submitted by ANZACSoldiers1966 in Police  
44   847  
2011 Unmarked CVPI V3
Model Status: Unlocked
2011 Unmarked CVPI V3
Submitted by BiggySmallz in Police  
26   722  
2011 Unmarked CVPI V2
Model Status: Unlocked
2011 Unmarked CVPI V2
Submitted by BiggySmallz in Police  
24   597  
CHP Pack
Model Status: Unlocked
My version of a CHP pack.
Submitted by BiggySmallz in Police  
43   1185  
BiggySmallz Color Mod & ENB Settings(plus timecyc)
BiggySmallz Color Mod & ENB Settings(plus timecyc)
Submitted by BiggySmallz in Scripts / Misc  
66   859  
BiggySmallz' 2012 GTA SA Pack
Model Status: Unlocked
Enjoy one of my super old packs.
Please read the readme file inside the zip.
Pack comes with different wheel options.
Submitted by BiggySmallz in Police  
33   812  

Popular files

GSP | Georgia State Patrol Charger | Texture
Hey! This is a GSP Charger skin that can be used in a lot of cars using the same template model! This skin was tested on the Dodger Charger in this pack:

You can try it too ?

Please keep in mind this is my first work so if you run into any issues / suggestions or just want to give me a feedback please leave them in the comments ? Thank you!
Submitted by Nimra in Textures
2015 Ford F-550 Ambulance Texture
Texture Type: EMS
Hello! This texture is for DcK's 2015 Ford F-550 Ambulance this texture will also work on different F-550s. If you would like you can join my discord server linked below thanks!
My discord server: https://discord.gg/hAt52Tq
Submitted by lukasdb3 in Textures
[LSPD:FR] DeLuca's County Callouts
Script Type: LSPD:FR
County Callouts Topic Here
                                                                (Topic will be updated soon)
Newly released v0.5 brings a lot of overhaul and enhancements to the entire plugin. I've redone the way AI works on peds created by these callouts. You will instantly notice the changes as all the peds will now feel "alive" and move around/interact a lot more then they did in previous versions. I've spent hours and hours testing and eliminating bugs/glitches found in 0.4 as well as more that were created during the process. This is a major stability update and hopefully will provide a smoother and less crash prone experience. There is a new Shouting mechanic that has been added in this update. Check the configuration file for keypress settings. This new feature will allow the player to handle situations like Domestic and Public Disputes by shouting for all involved suspects to stop in there tracks. Of course this can result in the suspect cooperating, fleeing (initiating a pursuit), turning violent, or flat out ignoring you. An oversight in the config file causing it to corrupt and revert back to original settings has also been fixed. You should now be able to properly change your keybinds without issues. Customization of deputy skins and vehicles has been implemented for players not using Ultimate Backup. If you have StopThePed or Ultimate Backup installed, County Callouts will automatically use your customization settings including deputy skins/vehicles. Custom locations for callouts has been increased to over 140 as of now. If you experience any new issues/bugs please let me know! Next release will be v1.0 Public and feature loads of new features/callouts now that a majority of the bugs/glitches have been resolved! Keep checking back! Enjoy the callouts and thank you for over 40.000 total downloads!

County Callouts is a callout add-on for LSPD:FR featuring rural themed callouts. Most of these calls will not trigger within Los Santos city limits. They feature unique multi-scenario and dynamic calls that offer a higher replay value. As of the 0.4 beta version, there is now a full interaction menu system for CC spawned callouts. Lots of updates and touch ups to existing callouts but also the addition of two new calls: Domestic Dispute and Public Dispute. The domestic callout features full interior interaction on a variety of different scenarios. Please note that there are currently only two interiors used and they may not be the most 'fitting' in all locations but I hope to improve this in the future. The config file has also received some new settings for callout spawn chances. If there are any bugs, glitches, requests, complaints, or other then please feel free to let me know! 

Currently Complete:
Vehicle collision with animal No response from Deputy, check requested (Multi-scenario Call) Reports of Illegal Off-Roading Stolen Sheriff Unit (Multi-scenario Call) Meth Lab Explosion (Multi-scenario/3 Unique Locations) [More locations coming soon!] Unstable Individual (Multi-scenario/30+ Unique Locations) Domestic Dispute (Multi-scenario/Unique Locations/Interiors) Public Dispute (Multi-scenario/Unique Locations)  
[How To Install]:
Place CountyCalls.dll & CountyCalls.ini into GTA V Directory/plugins/LSPDFR. Place the CC audio folder into
GTA V Directory/lspdfr/audio/scanner. Place RAGENATIVEUI in your GTA V directory.
Load up LSPD:FR and go on-duty. Wait for County Callouts.
--> -->[RECOMMENDED]: Stop the Ped and Ultimate backup for full functions. Without these mods certain calls such as the
vehicle collision with animal will be hard to navigate. Animal control, and towtruck backups are essential
to finishing the call. 0.2 added integration with these plugins as well. Still works without but not recommended.
Update 0.4 added the interaction menu so really just Ultimate Backup is needed for tow truck/animal control but
I still strongly suggest StopThePed. 0.5 has further advanced the integration of these two plugins. These are an awesome
addition and fully compatible with this plugin.
Submitted by Adam DeLuca in Scripts / Misc
[EUP 8.1] Nassau County, NY Uniform Pack
Model Status: Locked Model Type: Police
[EUP] Nassau County, NY Uniform Pack
Hello, Today I bring you a Nassau County, NY EUP. Feel free to
drop any questions, constructive criticism or comments in the comment section and I will respond to it 
as soon as possible.  This was originally on LCPDFR and decided to upload it here aswell. This was my first
EUP pack so decided to release it to you guys.

Also feel free to join my discord https://discord.gg/GhZfuvQCEE to keep up
to date with new project I am working on.

DO NOT: Rip, Claim or Re-Upload any of my work to another website or location.
2021 Pennsylvania State Police [2K] - Mini Pack
Texture Type: Police
These liverys are based on the new Pennsylvania State Police fleet and its a mini pack of 3 cars.

For future updates you can join my discord server and see what im doing next you can join it here:


The cars that are used are Fivem ready and are Non-ELS you can find them here:
Submitted by Bravo Modifications in Textures
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