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Latest files from Grand Theft Auto SA

Blaine County Police Department Vehicle Livery Pack
Model Status: Unlocked
Pack includes 5(Five) vehicles All vehicles stated Below. Skins are fully custom made by Averis. This livery pack is for Redsaints code3megapack
16 Explorer 18 Charger 14 Charger F250 18 Tahoe  
Submitted by Averis in Police  
6   136  
LAFD Dodge Ram Ambulance 1500
Model Status: Unlocked
This file includes a LAFD Dodge Ram Ambulance, along with a photo of the real ambulance and a photo of it in-game
Submitted by ChiefLaw in Fire / EMS  
13   270  
Los Santos Sheriff ELS 2011 Vic.
Model Status: Unlocked
one of my ELS pack for LS-RP peeps, SCV still in my side lol.
Submitted by ANZACSoldiers1966 in Police  
14   191  
2011 Unmarked CVPI V3
Model Status: Unlocked
2011 Unmarked CVPI V3
Submitted by BiggySmallz in Police  
4   151  
2011 Unmarked CVPI V2
Model Status: Unlocked
2011 Unmarked CVPI V2
Submitted by BiggySmallz in Police  
4   133  
CHP Pack
Model Status: Unlocked
My version of a CHP pack.
Submitted by BiggySmallz in Police  
19   253  
BiggySmallz Color Mod & ENB Settings(plus timecyc)
BiggySmallz Color Mod & ENB Settings(plus timecyc)
Submitted by BiggySmallz in Scripts / Misc  
13   152  
BiggySmallz' 2012 GTA SA Pack
Model Status: Unlocked
Enjoy one of my super old packs.
Please read the readme file inside the zip.
Pack comes with different wheel options.
Submitted by BiggySmallz in Police  
11   286  
BiggySmallz Project Pack
Model Status: Unlocked
Multiple vehicles. Enjoy
Submitted by BiggySmallz in Police  
11   204  
2009 Unmarked Ford CVPI (Christmas Tree)
Model Status: Unlocked
2009 Unmarked Ford CVPI (Christmas Tree)
Version: 2009 Unmarked Ford CVPI (Christmas Tree)
Car: 2009 Unmarked Ford CVPI
Light bar: None
Dash Lights: Interior Light bar, LEDs
Multi-livery: No
Submitted by BiggySmallz in Police  
8   139  

Popular files

Bone County Sheriff
Here is the first re-upload from the original GPM. This is the Bone County Sheriff Department pack for the original Fort Carson RolePlay server made by 05bowtie (Grimm)
Any other credits are unknown to me as I can't remember how long ago I downloaded this.
NOTE: The 05Bowtie TXDhack is included, however in the most recent versions of SA:MP, this no longer works.
Submitted by PArescueEMT in Police
[NON-ELS] [FiveM Ready] 2015 Chevy Tahoe - Christmas Tree
But... I mean its not that bad for an old non-els vehicle, use it how you like idc
Submitted by McGinlay in Police
Los Santos Metro Fire Texture
Here is a Mostly Accurate texture based off of Sacramento Metro Fire Department (CA). Its a relatively unique design with that classic Fire dept. Gold
Submitted by Stang in Textures
Tow truck Rear
Fell free to do whatever with this
Submitted by Rogue Thunder in Dev Support
Fire Radio
Model Status: Locked Model Type: Fire
Hey this is my first ever PED texture i am happy to give this to you guys and girls! 
This is a fire radio that i have changed the textures so it looks more for fire!
Have fun with it!
EUP: Law & Order 8.1
SUP: Serve & Rescue 1.3
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