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  • Featured on GPM
    Boston PD Based 2018 Tahoe
    I was asked to make this for a server a bit back, Interior is not up to par to IRL standings as I have no pics or any idea what it looks like.

    Join my discord for more content!
    Submitted by AyyCee in Police   11 117
  • Featured on GPM
    [4K] Los Santos Sheriff's Office Liveries
    This pack is based off San Francisco Sheriff's Office, serving the City and County of San Francisco since 1850.
    This pack contains liveries for:
    - 2011 CVPI
    - 2016 Taurus
    - 2018 Charger
    Join my Discord if you want, it's kinda dead but you can keep up with screenshots on my newest developments.
    Submitted by Alex W. in Textures   13 223
  • Featured on GPM
    Non-ELS 2019 F250 LEO (FiveM Ready)
    This is a vehicle I have been working on for a long time now. I am quite a fan of F250s so I thought I would make one.
    Some of the included features are:
    Fully Modeled Interior
    High Quality Parts
    Antenna That Wobbles
    360 Degree Lighting
    Realistic Wheel Wilt
    Multi Stage Lighting (With script for FiveM)
    Versions Included with download:
    Red and Blue
    All Blue
    If you have any questions please feel free to DM me on discord, It's Me Again#3025 (I will see it faster)
    Also feel free to join my discord:
    This vehicle was tested in FiveM and is designed to be used in FiveM.
    It may be used for single player, but I cannot help you install it.
    Submitted by Magic Modifications in Police   91 472
  • Featured on GPM
    San Andreas Vol. Fire-Rescue - Ambulance Livery
    Based off Reynolds Store Vol. Fire Rescue
    Livery looks very low quality in pictures, but the livery is 4096x4096, just import it right and it should be all good.
    Livery fits this vehicle.
    Submitted by Phixelog in Textures   9 157
  • Featured on GPM
    Lore Friendly Patches
    if you would like to join my discord

    you're more than welcome to use these for free releases & paid releases
    all of these patches are based off of real life police departments
    Submitted by WJMModifications in Dev Support   38 257
  • Featured on GPM
    Peterbilt 359 Daycab Hauler (Civilian)
    TOS: You may not unlock this file and you may not unlock this file.    It's not cool to take others work, and mess with it

    Bugs: You teleport into the truck instead of walk into it: I'm fixing it

    Installation: simple, drag, drop, start
    Join the discord!:
    Submitted by King James III in Other   19 164
  • Featured on GPM
    [4K] San Andreas Transit Police Liveries (NJ Transit Police Inspired)
    This pack is based off of New Jersey Transit Police. Its main job is to enforce laws and NJ Transit Corporation rules at bus stops and light rail stations across New Jersey.
    This pack contains liveries for:
    - 2016 Explorer
    - 2016 Taurus
    - 2019 Tahoe
    Join my Discord if you want, it's kinda dead but you can keep up with screenshots on my newest developments. 
    Submitted by Alex W. in Textures   10 279
  • Featured on GPM
    Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 516 Fahrtec RTW ASB Mannheim [ELS] [REFLECTIVE] [STRECHER]
    This mod is a ASB Mannheim Skin for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 516 Fahrtec. To install the mod, just replace the original .YTD files with my modified .YTD file.
    Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 516 Fahrtec (required): Download Sprinter
    Unfortunately, at the moment only some parts are reflective. The textures also seem a bit off when having the reflective version on. I would prefer everyone to use the standard version.
    You are not allowed to publish this file anywhere else on the internet nor allowed to share the file in any other shape or form.
    You may only download and share the file via the link generated by ""
    To use this mod on your server, you need to have a permission from me.
    Problems with my mods? Do you want to stay up to date? Then join my Discord Group
    Submitted by AureirDE Modding in Textures   27 234
  • Featured on GPM
    [ELS] Hybrid Electric Vehicle Pack
    This pack is my return to making practical, realistic marked units. It features the first ever Ford Police Responder Hybrid Sedan, as accurate as I could make it.
    There are currently six vehicles in this pack, which is a stark contrast to what my previous projects have had. There will be one more update to include a few more modern HEVs. like the Toyota Prius, Ford F150 PowerBoost hybrid, and Ford Police Interceptor Utility hybrid.
    I was pressed for time and money to acquire the others that I wanted, like the Ford Mustang Mach E and the Toyota RAV4 Prime, so those will not be included in the update.
    Liveries by @echowolf!
    Installation instructions and spawn names are included in the archive.
    If you enjoy my work, join my Discord!
    Submitted by BlueGhost in Police   62 489

Latest files from Grand Theft Auto V

Boston PD Based 2018 Tahoe
ELS: No Model Status: Locked
I was asked to make this for a server a bit back, Interior is not up to par to IRL standings as I have no pics or any idea what it looks like.

Join my discord for more content!
Submitted by AyyCee in Police  
11   117  
Unmarked 2013 Chevrolet Caprice - By Grizzly Development
ELS: No Model Status: Locked
Unmarked 2013 Chevrolet Caprice it's B/W.
Thank you for downloading this vehicle!

Extra 1 - Driver Spotlight Up
Extra 2 - Driver Spotlight Down
Extra 3 - Passenger Spotlight Down
Submitted by GrizzlyDevelopment in Police  
5   56  
EvocTranning complete
Script Type: FiveM
This is a complete course of EvocTranning I have not tested if any other issues Please go to the Discord and  let me know!  Discord:
Submitted by tyler4545 in Scripts / Misc  
1   27  
INDAINA DNR Skin updated
Texture Type: Police
This is updated skin 
Submitted by tyler4545 in Textures  
0   10  
[4K] F-450 Ambulance Livery
Texture Type: Fire
This livery is for a F-450 ambulance livery.
Submitted by Ramrick in Textures  
1   33  
Texture Type: Police
HI Guys im start to skins and release them But im still couniting Map mods as well so Al look at CT.txt for updates as well !
Submitted by tyler4545 in Textures  
0   37  
2018 Dodge Charger Whelen Lighting [FiveM Ready]
ELS: No Model Status: Locked
Yea yea, another release.  A bit more detail compared to my prior releases. Sadly wasn't able to make rambar holes as the normals messed up on the rambar each time.
Drag and drop into your resources.
Extra 1 - Lightbar
Extra 2 - IONs (Visor Area)
Extra 3 - Pushbar
Extra 4 - Folded Spotlights
Extra 5 - Spotlights (Moveable)
Getting used to making wires in blender, still not perfect but def not a failed attempt.
Submitted by FeriousX in Police  
111   678  
Detective Ford Taurus - Made By Grizzly Development
ELS: No Model Status: Locked
Hey thank you for even clicking on this page this is my first upload to gtapolicemods (I've uploaded on my discord and lspdfr) I am truly faithful for you guys and I hope you enjoy!

Expect more of my unreleased files and some WIPs in the next hour or so.
Submitted by GrizzlyDevelopment in Police  
6   100  
2019 Ranger Raptor | Unmarked
ELS: No Model Status: Locked
Unmarked 2019 Ranger Raptor, all Feniex Lighting with a 4200 MINI Controller.
- Enjoy
Submitted by cdodge120 in Police  
29   171  
Roleplay-Core (Basic Commands & Features) [1.3]
Script Type: FiveM
-- Need Support? Join my Modifications Discord: --

All Commands Provided within this RolePlay-Core

Basic Commands:
/do /me /it 
/anon /darkweb
911 Commands:

Advanced Jailing Feature (Commands) (Configurable):

Ragdoll Feature
Keybind: U (Configurable)

Submitted by Jack Marshal in Scripts / Misc  
63   368  

Popular files

Well.. Credit to Doomer.
Submitted by ANZACSoldiers1966 in Police
[ELS] '18 Dodge Charger - LSSO Patrol Vehicle - All Blue, Red & Blue
ELS: Yes
FartKnockr - Rambar // will add in readme and MIF later sorry.
Bullzeye - LSSO Logo
This might be a part of a pack for the future, mind me the skin is somewhat bad since it was a 10min whip up, thanks to bullzeye for LSSO Logo, hopefully i will make a 4 vehicle LSSO pack sometime.
Submitted by Matt Eldridge in Police
[NON-ELS/FIVEM READY] 2013 Ford Expedition Fire Chief
ELS: No Model Status: Locked
My Discord
2013 Ford Expedition is Non-ELS and my first release comes FiveM Ready so just drag and drop it into your resources folder in your server and add "start {resource name}" to your server.cfg 
Please leave constructive criticism below and tips to help me become a better vehicle developer and don't forget to join my discord whilst your here as I am currently working on some other vehicles to release!
My ToS:
--> You are not allowed to resell my model Under any circumstances,
--> You are not allowed to rip/leak my models,
--> I am not responsible to any damages toward the performance or server of your computer,
-These terms are subject to change. Violation of these terms will result in an immediate ban from my Discord.
Submitted by RN_Comet in Fire / EMS
BCSO Livery Pack [4K]
Texture Type: Police
Blaine County Sheriff Office | Liveries made by: LSPDFR Pics
Installation Path:
 Replace the.ytd files with the ones provided in this download, regardless if you did addon or replace.
  Vehicle Pack: Ripple
  Liveries: LSPDFR Pics
DO NOT distribute this content without my permission! This includes liveries and the screenshots. 
DO NOT use the liveries in a clan or group without my explicit permission. THIS APPLIES TO FIVEM TOO.. Just ask me.
Please do not upload this file or a part of it to any other website without permission from me.
I accept no responsibility for any damage caused to your PC, game, or anything else. 
DO NOT rip, dismantle or change the livery in any way.
Join my Social Networks:
Discord -
Twitter - @LSPDFR_Pics
YouTube - LSPDFR_Pics
Steam - LSPDFR Pics
Submitted by LSPDFR Pics in Textures
San Andreas State Police (SASP) Skin Pack
Texture Type: Police
Found This Amazing Pack By @TKPhantom , And Could Not Resist Making A Small Skin Pack For It!

(I'm Thinking About Adding Some More Variants To The Textures)

I've Decided To Make A Discord To Release My Skins And Even Sell Some Custom Packs 
(It's Still A Work In Progress)
Submitted by KartRacer0574 in Textures

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