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    [Non ELS] 2018 Chevy Tahoe POV All Red
    ELS: No Model Status: Locked
    Hello, I have seen this car (same lights everything) around my town irl so i thought i would make it! This is my first Free Release on Gta Police mods but be on the look out for more! If the car gets enough people liking it i will make more! If you would like you can join my discord! https://discord.gg/VRjwXpqrsG
    Submitted by Nova Development in Fire / EMS  
    55   446  
    Jay's Garage [NON-ELS] 2012 Charger Fire Marshal POV
    ELS: No Model Status: Locked
    This vehicle is inspired by my friends IRL POV. Hope you all enjoy this. 
    My discord: https://discord.gg/QHZGSS86dt
    Extra_1: Remove rear seats assets
    Extra_4: Rear lights
    Extra_5: Front lights
    Extra_6: All lights
    Submitted by Prince of Darkness in Fire / EMS  
    93   845  
    [NON ELS, FIVEM Ready] Mini Fire/EMS Pack
    ELS: No Model Status: Locked
    Hello Everyone,
    Today I bring to you the second pack of this large request that was sent my way by my Buddy.
    He has agreed to allow the release of these vehicles for the GTA Community to enjoy.
    I present to you a mini Fire/EMS Vehicle pack. Pack features:
    - Templated Vehicles
    - Multiple Extra's to custom configure light packages
    Vehicles within the Pack:
    - Pierce Fire Engine
    - Chevy Silverado 3500 Ambulance Box Truck
    Submitted by SoCal Thero in Fire / EMS  
    371   2359  
    [NON-ELS] 2022 Fire/EMS Utility Truck
    ELS: No Model Status: Locked
    Hello I am the owner of mega development. This is one of my project I didn't think was good enough to sell so here it is for you guy!
    Mega Development
    Discord: https://discord.gg/HNfA7d8GqP
    Submitted by POKEY in Fire / EMS  
    259   1400  
    [NON-ELS] 2021 Durango Fire POV
    ELS: No Model Status: Locked
    Hello! I created a quick 2021 Durango Fire POV for you guys! This features all Red & Red lighting with a Slicktop and a Hardtop version if you want to put a livery on it. It has a basic interior with a MDT, Radio, Siren Controller, and misc medical equipment in the trunk. If you want more models from me make sure to check out my discord below.
    If you have any questions or ideas for this vehicle join my discord below. 
    Submitted by FineLineProduction in Fire / EMS  
    348   1913  
    2018 Chevy Tahoe FD
    ELS: No Model Status: Locked
    This is my 2018 Chevy Tahoe, decided to free release for everybody to enjoy. Make sure to join my discord for updates https://discord.gg/pgtk9bSxzz
    Submitted by Oleyff5 in Fire / EMS  
    193   1055  
    2014 LSFD Dodge Charger [NON-ELS]
    ELS: No Model Status: Locked
    This is a 2014 LSFD Dodge Charger. It is fully equipped with a complete center console, 360 degree lighting around the entire vehicle, and rear equipment for any and all fire/ems needs.
    Extra_1 ~ Toughbook (Center Console Laptop)
    Extra_2 ~ Rear Trunk Antennas
    Extra_12 ~ Front Bumper Plate
    Feel free to join my discord: https://discord.gg/r8uZbwCWwh
    Submitted by ThatGuyJustinH in Fire / EMS  
    223   1366  
    [FIVEM READY] 2016 FPIS Command Vehicle
    ELS: No Model Status: Locked
    Howdy! This is a 2016 Command Taurus for a fire department. This model is not based off of an IRL department. Listed below are the lighting specifications and features of the model. Also come join my discord!

    ------- LIGHTING -------
    - Code 3 RX2700 (All red)
    - Whelen ION's
    -------FEATURES -------
    - Directional TA 
    - Full 360 degree lighting
    - TA shows on the siren controller
    - Stage Lighting (ta and ions only for stage 1 and all other lights for stage 2.)

    ------- EXTRAS -------

    Extra 1 - TA to the left
    Extra 2 - TA to the right
    Extra 3 - Enables stage 2 lighting
    Submitted by ThuMas in Fire / EMS  
    37   520  
    Fictional NSW Ambulance Kia Stinger [NON ELS] [FiveM Friendly]
    ELS: No Model Status: Locked
    NSW Ambulance Kia Stinger Fictional
    The Kia Stinger is our first NSW Ambulance Release release. 
    The Kia Stinger is FiveM friendly being either right on 16.0 MiB or under for both physical and virtual. This being the goal with this vehicle. 
    Kia Stinger - Mr ChocoTaco
    Code 3 Pursuit - Kane 104
    Code 3 XT - Krul
    Code 3 MRMC - Krul
    Lifepak - Billy Johnsson
    Motorola MW810 - Cj24
    Livery Penthrox
    Assembled by bmoore
    Feel free to join our discord for discord only releases.
    Submitted by Intrinsic Design in Fire / EMS  
    107   1017  
    2019 Ford E350 Vanbulance
    ELS: Yes Model Status: Locked
    Here's my ambulance offering. 
    Yes I know the interior is a bit crap. But, it is what it is.
    Edit your vehicles.meta for LODs and Handling.
    Copy what's in the credits document and paste it over what's in your vehicles.meta and save
    6 different skins, 
    Template included
    Usual community rules apply.
    Sorry. I don't do non ELS
    Submitted by JustMe in Fire / EMS  
    325   1882  
    2019 F350 Mini Pumper [NON-ELS]
    ELS: No Model Status: Locked
    2019 Ford F-350 Mini Pumper.
    Scene lighting:
    Lightbar- Extra_1
    Sides - Extra_2 / 3
    This dose require custom Float_arrays, handling meta, and carvaration. 
    Submitted by Rogue Thunder in Fire / EMS  
    541   3470  
    1989 Fire Chief Car | Non-ELS
    ELS: No Model Status: Locked
    This Is A Free Good/Fast Model to make. It only has 2 extras.
    Extra-1 Dashboard Light
    Extra-2 Tools In The Back
    Discord For More!! https://discord.gg/3xf7ws7U8Z
    Submitted by Tpolesk07 in Fire / EMS  
    240   2499  
    [N-ELS][FiveM Ready] 2010 CrowdRX Impala
    ELS: No Model Status: Locked
    Good Evening, heres a Impala with CrowdRX Livery. 
    CrowdRX is a Medical Company that services Large Events. 
    Feel Free to convert to R/B, B/B, A/P. Just don't reupload it saying you made "Major Edits" to it
    Join my Discord!: https://discord.gg/wTuE3p3
    Submitted by bevarnow in Fire / EMS  
    74   1294  
    Non ELS - 2018 F150 Fire Vehicle
    ELS: No Model Status: Locked
    Just a small little free release, enjoy!
    For more: https://discord.gg/xxFXCNphXy
    Extra 1 - Lighbar
    Extra 2 - Avenger
    Extra 3 - Pushbar
    Extra 4 - Auto Eject
    Submitted by Blueline Modifications in Fire / EMS  
    442   3788  
    2020 Chevy Brush Truck [FIVEM READY]
    ELS: Yes Model Status: Locked
    -- Need Support : https://discord.gg/rBBCDwhRYr
    Hope you enjoy my content and would like to join my discord and support me!
    Submitted by Spittons in Fire / EMS  
    138   2381  
    Pierce ArrowXT Rearmount Tower
    ELS: No Model Status: Locked
    Discord: https://castledesigns.live/discord
    Submitted by King James III in Fire / EMS  
    1160   6449  
    [ELS] POV Pack [DLC & FiveM]
    ELS: Yes Model Status: Locked
    Hello all. I have not uploaded any vehicles or anything in a very long tome because I have took a very long break from making cars. I am not sure if I will be continuing to make cars or not but I will let you know. The Tahoe may be a lil buggy but if it is mess with the YTD file a bit. It worked for me but not for my friend. Let me know how it is Thanks!
    Submitted by Brenden Manahan in Fire / EMS  
    228   3050  
    [ELS] San Andreas Medical Services Minipack [Reflective]
    ELS: Yes Model Status: Locked
    Howdy everyone, I'm back with more. This time is a medical pack. The pack includes all 5 cars:
    2020 Ford FPIU
    2021 Ford F150
    2014 Ford F450 Ambulance
    2018 Ford Transit Ambulance
    2013 Chevy Ambulance

    If you would like to use them in fivem you may, you will just need to create the metas. For use in single player they 
    are meant to be used as replacements.
    For those that might ask the liveries are reflective and can NOT be changed easily. And no i will not release or share a 
    non reflective version. Sorry not sorry 
    Anyways, Time for some legal notices,
    Vehicles and Liveris are Copyrighted, all assets are property of the creator.
    Do NOT Unlock, Rip or steal any assets and/or vehicles from this download
    Do NOT reupload to any site under any circumstances without written permission
    Do NOT take credit for any work, vehicle or asset if you are not the creator
    Fivem use is allowed
    Backup your game files, I am not to be held responsible for you breaking your game
    Discord link https://discord.gg/kNtjrdm3Bc
    Hope you enjoy and have fun,
    Submitted by Minibricks in Fire / EMS  
    707   6632  
    2018 LSFD Taurus // Non ELS
    ELS: No Model Status: Locked
    Decided to give ya all something after a while, not the best work but still hella clean!
    Has reflective livery support
    Trunk Equipment 
    All your usual fun stuff, ill still bring updates out with new additions etc but for now have fun and of course help ya boi hit 2k members again  
    Submitted by NorthernScot in Fire / EMS  
    427   3288  
    f550 2008 ambulance
    ELS: No Model Status: Locked
    I was board so I decided ill through something together real quick and this is what i got for you guys.
    Submitted by intimidat0r48 in Fire / EMS  
    300   3122  
    [NON-ELS] 2018 Dodge Charger - EMS Vehicle.
    ELS: No Model Status: Locked
    Hello, Comrades!
    Welcome to the second vehicle of the Emergency Medical Response Vehicle Series (more information available below). This is the first of many cars, so enjoy.
    Please consider joining my Discord Server, in order to keep yourself updated on future projects and releases.
    VEHICLE INFORMATION ──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────
    The Dodge Charger is a full-size sedan that’s available with rear- or all-wheel drive. This vehicle is in All-Wheel Drive, offering you limitless driving capabilities in all road conditions. It comes with a V8 engine, providing you with the ultimate 707 horsepower, 650 lb.-ft of torque, and a top speed of 155 MPH.
    This Emergency Medical vehicle is outfitted with a 48” Federal Signal Valor lightbar on the roof, Federal Signal X-Streams on the interior, FS Impaxx-s on the outstanding Westin rambar, and FS Micropulse-s on the sides.
    The interior of the vehicle houses a Toughbook MDT, Federal Signal siren controller, and two highly reliable Harris 7100 radios. The charger houses multiple pieces of equipment. The trunk houses a Lifepak, Trauma Bag, Airways Management Bag, Oxygen Administration Bag, OB Kit, Lifepak, 1x Co2 fire extinguisher, 1x Water fire extinguisher, IIIA strap-on vest, halligan bar, fire axe, and 2x D-sized Oxygen Tanks with a 425l capacity. The rear driver-side passenger seat has a couple of funky monkey reflective cones.
    VEHICLE FEATURES ─────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────
    The vehicle has 360 Degree Red Environmental Lighting, 9 extras, and limitless possibilities.
    Vehicle Extras:
    1. Roof-Mounted 48" Federal Signal Valor.
    2. Headliner-mounted Federal Signal X-Stream.
    3. Westin Push Bumper Elite - base (w/ FS Impaxx).
    4. Westin Push Bumper Elite - wraparound.
    5. LTE GPS puck and a Signal-boosting NMO antenna on the trunk.
    6. SharkFin Airlink antennas.
    7. 2x Motorola hae6010a wobble antennas.
    10. MSA Cairns 1010 fire helmet on the dashboard.
    11. Panasonic Arbitrator Dash Camera.
    Demo of the lights is available here.
    CONCLUSION ─────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────
    Thank you for expressing interest in this upload. If you do decide to download it, make sure to check out the Owners Handbook available in the .zip archive.
    It is important to note that this vehicle is a part of the "Emergency Medical Response" Vehicle Series I'd be releasing over time. They will be similar in equipment and functionality. This is actually the second vehicle 🙂
    I would like to thank @WiGgLeWaGgLe99his support during the development of the project/s.
    Enjoy the car!
    Submitted by Smanbg in Fire / EMS  
    1319   8808  
    [N-ELS][FiveM Ready] 2017 Chevy Ambulance
    ELS: No Model Status: Locked
    Howdy! Heres a Medic, I've been wanting to do one for a While. 
    Big Thanks to AlphaIrish for the skin. 
    Feel free to Make skins for it, just credit me if you release them. And also feel free to convert it to B/B, R/B, A/P. Just don't Reupload and Claim as yours.
    Join my Discord!: https://discord.gg/wTuE3p3
    Submitted by bevarnow in Fire / EMS  
    1034   6082  
    [N-ELS][FiveM Ready] 2010 Fire Marshal Silverado
    ELS: No Model Status: Locked
    Howdy! Heres a Fire Marshal Car.
    Car is based on Van Zandt County. 
    Feel free to Convert to R/R, B/B, A/P. Just please dont reupload and claim as yours. And feel free to make skins and upload them, just credit me. 
    Join my Discord!: https://discord.gg/wTuE3p3
    Submitted by bevarnow in Fire / EMS  
    210   2766  
    [FiveM Ready] - 2018 Chevrolet Tahoe Fire Command
    ELS: No Model Status: Locked
    2018 Chevrolet Tahoe Fire Command Vehicle - Nothing to special
    Drag and drop into your resources.
    Extra 1 - Lightbar
    Extra 2 - Dashlight
    Extra 3 - Solar Panel
    Extra 4 - Antennas
    Extra 5 - Kussmaul Plug
    Extra 6 - Cable
    Extra 7 - Spotlight
    Extra 8 - Folded Spotlights
    Lighting Showcase: https://streamable.com/g1klwj
    Submitted by FeriousX in Fire / EMS  
    901   5787  
    [N-ELS][FiveM Ready] 2016 Battalion Chief Ford Explorer
    ELS: No Model Status: Locked
    Howdy, heres a Fire Vehicle I last touched in Mid-April. 
    Don't remember why I made it, but I did. Enjoy it. Based on Warwick Fire
    Feel free to convert to R/B, B/B, A/P. Just please don't reupload and claim as yours. 
    Join my Discord!: https://discord.gg/wTuE3p3
    Submitted by bevarnow in Fire / EMS  
    741   4936  
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