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    About FivePD
    FivePD is a unique FiveM game mode made by GTAPoliceMods Development Studios, where players play as a law enforcement officer within a FiveM server that has the FivePD game mode. Development for FivePD was first started in December of 2019 by Natixco and Daniel K. However in January of 2020, GPM acquired FivePD and teamed up with both of the founders to continue the fantastic work. FivePD's goal is to be similar to the single-player mod 'LSPD:FR'; however, FivePD offers a unique way for you, your friends, or community to play all together as law enforcement officers. The thrill of performing traffic stops, arresting AI, responding to 911 calls, and other action-packed content is now available for FiveM
    All information that you need to know is in the PDFs in the downloaded ZIP/RAR file. Please read them carefully before asking!
    They can be found on the forums as well as here.
    Stay up to date on FivePD by joining our Discord server!
    Be sure to click the 'FAQ' tab for useful resources!
    Submitted by GTAPoliceMods in Official Releases   127500 427775

Latest files from GPM Development Studios

Simple CPR System | FivePD Plugin
Type of Resource: Server Script/Plugin Compatible with FivePD Version(s): 1.5.1 OneSync Compatibility: Unknown / Not Tested
Welcome to my CPR Plugin.
This is a very simple plugin that gives you a chance to revive DEAD NPC's. It is very simple to use and a small plugin but adds some more options to FivePD.
Go next to a DEAD NPC & in the bottom left it will say "Press [E] To Start CPR".
Place CPRSystem.Net.Dll into FivePD > Plugins Folder.
Abililty to decide revive chance based on injury.
Variety of animations when revived.
Call Coroner?
Some code rework/retweaking
Submitted by xIconikkx in FivePD Modifications  
21   98  
Callouts Required Departments
Type of Resource: Server Script/Plugin Compatible with FivePD Version(s): 1.5.1 OneSync Compatibility: Unknown / Not Tested
Required Departments stops people in the wrong deparment from accepting calls. For Example if you have a "Armed Suspect" call, you wll only want Armed Responce to go, not an unarmed responce.
This DOES NOT stop callouts from been dispatched, all callouts will still get dispatched e.g Fire Calls, Police Calls etc.
This just allows you to select what Department CAN ACCEPT calls. This could/can help your RP & keep people from taking callouts thats not for there department.
If a callout is not mentioned in the config.json file then anyone can accept it.
Callout Name: The actual name of the callout thats displayed on the notifcation or "Force Callout" Menu,  e.g "Slow Vehicle" would be put down as "slowvehicle".
Department ID: Add the Department ID from your Department, can be seen in the MDT when you view your department.
If you edit the config.json & are new, use this to verify your config.json! JSON VERIFIER
Question 1: Why not just Code 4 before accepting?  It is not possible to end a callout before its accepted. So I can't change that.
Question 2: Why not use the callout config.json? It wasn't working for me, spent 4 days on it, just gave up and made this for my server.

Drag REQUIRED DEPARTMENTS Folder into FivePD > Plugins.
Add some sort of logging system so you can see if someone continues to try and take a callout there not supposed to.
If you need any help or have any suggestions/questions please contact me on Discord Chad#1254 or here on GTAPOLICEMODS
Submitted by xIconikkx in FivePD Modifications  
11   170  
Traduction française de FivePD/French translation de FivePD (callouts, charges...)
Type of Resource: Server Script/Plugin Compatible with FivePD Version(s): 1.5.1 (all) OneSync Compatibility: Compatible
Traduction française de FivePD des fichiers charges, items, loadouts, menu, questions, scene-management, language.
Installation :
Glisser-déposer les dossiers dans le dossier FivePD (.../fivepd/languages et .../fivepd/config)
Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou autre, n'hésitez pas à me contacter sur discord (Seith#2640)
French translation of FivePD of charges, items, louadouts, menu, questions, scene-management, language files.
Installation :
Drag-and-drop the directories in the FivePD's directory (.../fivepd/languages and .../fivepd/config)
If you need support or other, contact me on discord (Seith#2640)
Il est très probable que je publie également la traduction du terminal
Submitted by Seith in FivePD Modifications  
11   64  
NJ's Callout Pack
Type of Resource: Callout Extension Compatible with FivePD Version(s): v1.5.1 OneSync Compatibility: Unknown / Not Tested
Huge Callout Pack - My first one so there may be bugs. Please give your honest suggestions and feedback either here or on discord.
More info - https://discord.gg/jv7KRHjuxy
Current callouts have been developed in an Australian server, however they are not particular and are lore friendly. I've tried to utilise interiors / uncommon places to allow for a more engaging callout pack. This callout pack is still in development! 
Current Callouts 
Armed Robbery Active Shooter Active Shooter at Hotel Vehicle Fleeing Drug Deal Welfare Check Mental Health Patient Check Trespassing on Public Transport  Tactical Insertion Required (SWAT Callout, however called it this by keeping in theme with lore friendly. I know SWAT isn't a universal thing) Elderly Person Fall  
I'm working on new callouts and updating the current callouts daily, so please don't hesitate to message me about something. I am also working on some quality of life plugins so please watch this space!
Submitted by Not Jackson in FivePD Modifications  
410   1026  
Car Versus Deer Callout
Type of Resource: Callout Extension Compatible with FivePD Version(s): 1.5.1 OneSync Compatibility: Unknown / Not Tested
The Car Versus Deer callout will spawn a dead deer and a damaged vehicle in one of 18 locations along the shoulder of the roadway. There are no blips attached to the deer or vehicle in order to force the Officer to search the area. It will be obvious what vehicle was involved because the engine will be smoking and the rear tail lights will be flashing. 

You can initiate a traffic stop on the vehicle however you risk them driving forward too far or fleeing. I highly suggest pointing your flashlight at the driver and hold E to detain and interact with the driver. I found that using "follow me" in the interaction menu to get them away from the road works best and then you can roleplay the callout however you would like. 

If you enjoy my callouts please leave a like or comment. If you have any issues or suggestions please leave feedback.

• Discord: https://discord.gg/VKamh4WUV5
Join the Goose10X Discord if you would like to play on my personal FivePD server.

• Army/LEO Veteran
• Computer Tech Student
• Digital/Graphic Designer
• Amateur Coder/Programmer

I also create custom Logos, Patches, EUP textures, Vehicle liveries, Ped Tattoos, building textures, and more!



Submitted by Goose10X in FivePD Modifications  
236   571  
Full Danish FivePD Translation
Type of Resource: Server Script/Plugin Compatible with FivePD Version(s): 1.5.1+ OneSync Compatibility: Unknown / Not Tested
The Official Danish Translation of FivePD

I did some changes to the charges.json from Xandy.


Drag charges.json, items.json and questions.json into SERVERNAME\server-data\resources\fivepd\config.

To install da.json simply just drag it into SERVERNAME\server-data\resources\fivepd\languages and make sure that you select "Danish" as the language ingame. 

https://gtapolicemods.com/profile/22010-xandy/ (For the charges.json and the Danish flag)
Submitted by XibblE in FivePD Modifications  
8   137  
[Plugin] Vehicle Garage
Type of Resource: Server Script/Plugin Compatible with FivePD Version(s): 1.4.1-1.5.1 OneSync Compatibility: Compatible
This plugin uses the vehicle json settings to move from F11 menu to an intuitive map point for vehicle spawning
Shoutout to @GGGDunlix for inspiring me to do this
Shoutout to @Bogi  for making the original plugin that I used as a base

Note: If you want to use the same model for multiple things this won't work for you. It will find the first vehicle in the list with that model name and spawn that one and not the one you intended. If you want to do this, duplicate the models and change the model names
Drag and drop the file into the plugins folder and the coordinates to your coordinates json if you want to customize them
Vehicle json example
{ "name": "Police Caprice", "vehicle": "c3cap", "isAvailableForEveryone": false, "livery": 0, "useRanks": true, "availableForRanks": ["Officer 1","Officer 2","Officer 3","Police Corporal","Police Sergeant","Police Lieutenant","Police Captain","Deputy Chief","Assistant Chief","Chief"], "availableForDepartments": [1], "extras": [1, 2, 5, 7, 10, 11, 12] }, As you can see you can use any combination of the above, set to department, set to ranks, allow everyone.
Note for livery - 0 is the first one, 1 is the second one, etc
For server owners, add this to the top of your coordinates json and adjust the points if you want to customize them - Not required
"garages": [ { "interaction": "413.1,-979.52,28.45", "spawn": "408,-979.85,28.30,57.95" }, { "interaction": "31.17,-898.3,29.04", "spawn": "32.37,-892.57,29.1,246.85" }, { "interaction": "1859.04,3681.91,32.84", "spawn": "1862.99,3679.03,32.69,210.55" }, { "interaction": "846.74,-1321.08,25.26", "spawn": "848.24,-1325.32,25.23,85.08" } ],  
Submitted by Grandpa Rex in FivePD Modifications  
223   970  
Mugging Callout
Type of Resource: Callout Extension Compatible with FivePD Version(s): 1.5.1 OneSync Compatibility: Compatible
The Mugging Callout spawns a victim and a mugger in a random place chosen from a list of possible locations. Once the player arrives on scene the victim will run toward the player and ask for help using in game dialogue. The mugger will attempt to harm the victim and chase after them. The player must stop the mugger or risk the mugger hurting the victim. The mugger will have some items on them that they stole from the victim. There is a small chance the mugger will have a pistol in which case the player needs to use caution.
Submitted by HuskyNinja in FivePD Modifications  
481   942  
Active Shooter Callout
Type of Resource: Callout Extension Compatible with FivePD Version(s): 1.5.1 OneSync Compatibility: Compatible
The Active Shooter Callout will spawn between 2-5 shooters at one of several random locations throughout the map. There is a chance some of the shooters will shoot at nearby pedestrians, or possibly wander the area near their spawnpoint. Once a player gets within range of the callout, the shooters will target them instead. Additionally any other players that respond as backup could potentially be shot at as well. Enemy blips are not added on purpose to increase the difficulty of the callout and encourage players to call for backup from their fellow officers on duty. Be sure to clear the area as you never know if one more shooter could be hiding somewhere.
Submitted by HuskyNinja in FivePD Modifications  
637   1235  
Windows 10 Blue Line MDT Background with K9
Type of Resource: Server Script/Plugin Compatible with FivePD Version(s): All Version OneSync Compatibility: Compatible
Saw another persons MDT background and thought it was really nice but it was department specific so I thought I would make a non-specific Law Enforcement MDT background using some Blueline art that had a canine. Hope you enjoy it as much as I will.
Submitted by BigSmokeyOG in FivePD Modifications  
130   494  

Popular files

2018 Dodge Charger BCA [ELS]
ELS: Yes
Hello there. Another release from me, and it's another charger. 
I know 2018 chargers are pretty standard now-a-days, however
I felt I had to do something before the month of October ends (AKA:
Breast Cancer Awareness Month) 
This vehicle, as well as a uniquely outfitted vehicle with the Code 3
RX2700, features two beautiful liveries by Skin Works AKA: Harrison90.
Please note, if you use a custom VCF, extra_12 is the setina rap around.
Ensure you keep extra_12 disabled in the VCF.
Without further adue, I present you the 2018 BCA Dodge Charger by Bigams
Vehicle/Parts Assembled by Bigams
Breast Cancer Awareness Livery by Skin Works (Harrison90)
- Original vehicle model is 2015 Dodge Charger from Forza, edited into the 2018 Dodge Charger Pursuit by Matt with parts from FH3 and Gamemodels 
- Seats, center mirror, shifter and dash edits modeled and done by Kane104 - commissioned by Ranger Rick
- Major help from EVI for digital dial information and help to get the dials working and his patience to help me
- Rear bumper diffuser modeled by Patrol 31 Normal edits by Steinberg
- AWD/Charger badge modeled by iansonwheels Converted to V by Matt
- AWD Steelies/Hubcap modeled by iansonwheels Converted to V by Matt 
- Big thanks to Cj24 for beta testing the model and help with spec maps and normal maps and his overall knowledge of gta materials 
- Interior dial textures made by NeonLazer
- Interior button textures made by Slendis
- Rims from Gamemodels.ru Centercap edited by Matt
- Dome Light modeled by Matt
- A big thanks to Cj24, Kane104, EVI, Patrol 31, Steinberg , Desmond , NeOnLaZeR, Izick, Rekram, HDgamerzPC, and a big thanks to Ranger Rick who bought 3D parts so that i wouldn't give up on this project and bought me a Zmodeler license so that i can keep working on this project Thank you Rick.
- Thank you to everyone who supported me and the project...
- Another big thanks to iansonwheels who had the time to make the AWD steelies and AWD package stuff....
- Par46 by iansonwheels
- Antennas & Puck by HPDeskJet
- Console by Twurtleee
- Laptop Stand by Twurtleee
- Original models by tomcat8492; Converted by Maryland Modifications
- CF-54 Laptop by OfficerUnderwood
- MPH900 ALPR Modeled by Joshua Tanner.
- MPH900 ALPR Taxtures by Jakub.
- Centre Console Models Jakub
- Centre Console Textures Jakub & Walters
- Partitions by Twurtleee
- PB400 by iansonwheels
- PB400 textures by iansonwheels and matt
- PB400 uvmapped dirt mapped burn map by matt
- Go Rhino Wrap Modeled by Carper 
- PB8 Wrap Edited using vertex mode and adding proper brackets by Tactical Potato
- Code3 RX2700 CC modelled and converted by Kygo, Mounts by Kygo.
- Motorola APX7500 by BillyJ
- DSR Stalker Radar by HPDeskJet
- BCA Ribbon by BillyJ
- Proclip Phone X & Mount by BillyJ
- Extra Credits to L1mited for pointing out issues
Finally, I'd like to thank everyone for the ongoing support! I could
never of imagined I'd be doing what I'm doing right now. 
So once again, thank you so much... 
- Bigams
Submitted by Bigams in Police
StarChase Pursuit Management System Deployment System & Controller
Model Status: Unlocked File Type: Exterior Accessories
I made this awhile ago, decided to upload it for others to enjoy. Not the best out there but not the worst. No support will be given. Accurately scaled. 
Submitted by Him1250 in Dev Support
LSPD 2018 Dodge Demon Livery [2K] - FiveM Ready
Texture Type: Police
These livery's are based on the new style for the Los Santos Police Department and its just a 18 dodge demon.

For future updates you can join my discord server and see what im doing next you can join it here:


The cars that are used are Fivem ready and are Non-ELS you can find them here:
Submitted by Bravo Modifications in Textures
Stolen Plane Callout
Type of Resource: Callout Extension Compatible with FivePD Version(s): 1.5.1 OneSync Compatibility: Unknown / Not Tested
So This callout really isn't that good, but you can download if you want because its LA (LS)
I figured out that you can't script peds to fly somewhere, so you can imagine how the callout goes. I don't imagine this one to be very popular.
My Discord: https://discord.gg/HHFRh22xB2
Open source: https://github.com/gggdunlix/FivePD-Stolen-Plane-Callout

Weapon Sound Pack | SP | | FIVEM |
Script Type: LSPD:FR
Reloading Sounds
Distant Sound
Realistic Weapon Sounds for. 
Pistol, Combat Pistol, Stun Gun, AP Pistol, SNS Pistol, Pistol.50.
Carbine Rifle, Pump Shotgun, Assault Rifle, SMG, Micro SMG, Sniper Rifle
Versions of pistols to choose from.
The only difference is the Pistol Sounds. This feature is implemented to give you more of an option on what exactly you want.
The rest stays the same in each version.
This feature might be removed in the upcoming update, please let me know ur thoughts on this in the comments.
VARIETY PISTOLS:  https://youtu.be/Ou5oxWt27xk
THE REST:  https://youtu.be/uFnf2G3bDMQ
Installation Guide
Current issues :
V2 ends abruptly.
Note. Cannot fix this issue as I have tried everything, on the combat pistol it sounds fine but on the pistol, it doesn't have any ''echo''. If anyone has a fix to this issue let me know and I'll credit you.
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