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    Boston PD Based 2018 Tahoe
    ELS: No Model Status: Locked
    I was asked to make this for a server a bit back, Interior is not up to par to IRL standings as I have no pics or any idea what it looks like.

    Join my discord for more content!
    Submitted by AyyCee in Police  
    12   133  
    Unmarked 2013 Chevrolet Caprice - By Grizzly Development
    ELS: No Model Status: Locked
    Unmarked 2013 Chevrolet Caprice it's B/W.
    Thank you for downloading this vehicle!

    Extra 1 - Driver Spotlight Up
    Extra 2 - Driver Spotlight Down
    Extra 3 - Passenger Spotlight Down
    Submitted by GrizzlyDevelopment in Police  
    5   62  
    2018 Dodge Charger Whelen Lighting [FiveM Ready]
    ELS: No Model Status: Locked
    Yea yea, another release.  A bit more detail compared to my prior releases. Sadly wasn't able to make rambar holes as the normals messed up on the rambar each time.
    Drag and drop into your resources.
    Extra 1 - Lightbar
    Extra 2 - IONs (Visor Area)
    Extra 3 - Pushbar
    Extra 4 - Folded Spotlights
    Extra 5 - Spotlights (Moveable)
    Getting used to making wires in blender, still not perfect but def not a failed attempt.
    Submitted by FeriousX in Police  
    111   679  
    Detective Ford Taurus - Made By Grizzly Development
    ELS: No Model Status: Locked
    Hey thank you for even clicking on this page this is my first upload to gtapolicemods (I've uploaded on my discord and lspdfr) I am truly faithful for you guys and I hope you enjoy!

    Expect more of my unreleased files and some WIPs in the next hour or so.
    Submitted by GrizzlyDevelopment in Police  
    7   102  
    2019 Ranger Raptor | Unmarked
    ELS: No Model Status: Locked
    Unmarked 2019 Ranger Raptor, all Feniex Lighting with a 4200 MINI Controller.
    - Enjoy
    Submitted by cdodge120 in Police  
    29   171  
    2016 Ford Police Interceptor Utility Stealth Unit
    ELS: Yes Model Status: Locked
    2016 Ford Police Interceptor Utility Stealth Unit
    Didn't see many Stealth units out there so heres one I whipped together. All Blue ELS Lights, White Stealth Skin by me.
    Submitted by Corvette1099 in Police  
    8   126  
    [ELS] [ADD-ON] North Carolina State Highway Patrol Pack
    ELS: Yes Model Status: Locked
    The long awaited tahoe update is here!
    My Discord: 
    Included are 17 unique vehicles, all based off of Troop D District 7 (Orange County)

    Special Features:
    Reflective Livery
    Accurate Hybrid ELS - Non-ELS Lighting
    Accurate Interiors
    Moving Trunk Equipment Tray on Tahoes using ELS Arrowboard (alt+[ by default)
    Working Dials
    Custom Handling Lines
    Accurate Unit Numbers and Bump-Mapped License Plates
    Vehicle spawn codes are SHPxxx in trainer or RPH console

    Model List:  
    SHP175 - D711, 1st Sergeant [Unmarked Charger w/ RST]
    SHP222 - D722, Sergeant [Legacy Charger]
    SHP1367 - D732, Trooper [Slicktop Charger]
    SHP1154 - D733, Trooper [Slicktop Charger]
    SHP1070 - D735, Master Trooper [Unmarked Charger w/ RTX]
    SHP668 - D736, Master Trooper [Legacy Charger]
    SHP1102 - D738, Trooper [Legacy Charger]
    SHP1402 - D739, Trooper [Slicktop Charger]
    SHP1264, Trooper [Unmarked Charger w/ RTX]
    SHP1602 - D741, Trooper [Legacy Charger]
    SHP1410 - D742, Trooper [Slicktop Charger]
    SHP1829, Trooper [Ghost Charger] (technically a showcase car/reserve, interior equipment is extra 12)
    SHP522 - D951, Master Trooper (MCE) [Legacy Tahoe]
    SHP638 - D972, Master Trooper (MCE) [Liberty Tahoe]
    SHP423 - I123, Sergeant (Interdiction) [K9 Tahoe]
    SHP517 - I335, Master Trooper (CRU) [Liberty Tahoe]
    SHP838 - D967, Master Trooper (MCE) [Legacy Charger]
    To install: 
    1. go to your GTA directory, and drag and drop the file called NCSHP into 
    Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks
    use file explorer for step 1, NOT OPEN IV
    2. using openIV add
    above     </Paths>
    in the dlclist.xml located at G:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\A\mods\update\update.rpf\common\data
    3. also make sure you install the ELS xmls, and this or it won't work properly!

    If you feel like donating, because making this certainly wasn't free: 
    Submitted by jcfloyd in Police  
    271   2325  
    [DLS] 2018 Ford F150 [ADDON DLC]
    ELS: No Model Status: Locked
    fourthish vehichle. Please point out any issues with it. First experiment with DLS
    Extra Setup:
    Extra 1: Rambar
    Extra 2: ALPRs
    Extra 3: Longer anntenas
    Extra 4: Smaller anntenas
    Extras folder (Has the template and my TA config that you see in the video if you like it)
    fof150 folder(has the F150 set up as a dlc file)
    DLS CONFIG (MUST INSTALL) folder (dont forget about this.)
    Screenshots folder

    I'm Gate#5188 on discord if you have any questions, comments or concerns about this file. (I have tested this file in my home host server, however i cant garuntee that it will work with all mods for fivem)
    Please leave a comment(or send a dm) if you find anything wrong with the file
    Install Instructions(I hope that this works)(Watch this if you have trouble
    1. Navigate to mods>update>x64>dlcpacks
    2. Drag and drop the f0f150 folder into the dlcpacks folder
    3. Navigate to mods>update>update.rpf>Common>data
    4. Find dlclist.xml and drag it to your desktop
    5. open it up and add the line
    to the bottom of the list (make sure that it is still above the </Paths> tag in the document        
    6. Save the document and drag it back into openiv
    7. Open file explorer>navigate to your GTA folder, go inside of the DLS config folder and drop the plugins folder into your GTA folder
    8. Boot up the game and you should be good to go. The spawn code for the F150 is f150 
    Simple light pattern showcase:
    Submitted by Gate in Police  
    54   622  
    Federal Signal Valor Charger
    ELS: N/A Model Status: Locked
    -- Need Support :
    Submitted by Spittons in Police  
    3   54  
    Non-ELS 2019 F250 LEO (FiveM Ready)
    ELS: No Model Status: Locked
    This is a vehicle I have been working on for a long time now. I am quite a fan of F250s so I thought I would make one.
    Some of the included features are:
    Fully Modeled Interior
    High Quality Parts
    Antenna That Wobbles
    360 Degree Lighting
    Realistic Wheel Wilt
    Multi Stage Lighting (With script for FiveM)
    Versions Included with download:
    Red and Blue
    All Blue
    If you have any questions please feel free to DM me on discord, It's Me Again#3025 (I will see it faster)
    Also feel free to join my discord:
    This vehicle was tested in FiveM and is designed to be used in FiveM.
    It may be used for single player, but I cannot help you install it.
    Submitted by Magic Modifications in Police  
    91   473  
    Whelen Liberty 1 Dodge Charger
    ELS: Yes Model Status: Locked
    DISCORD INIVTE: http:// htpps://
    Submitted by Spittons in Police  
    5   117  
    2014 Explorer | 2018 Chevy Tahoe [BCSO]
    ELS: No Model Status: Locked
    Something very Quick that i made! Hope you enjoy it!. Not the best of my work but it's good enough to release!
    Sunrise Modifications
    A place were dreams and bright ideas are made!
    Here at Sunrise Modifications we are not only just a community but a family!
    We here offer
    -24/7 FiveM and Zmodeler Support
    - High quality NON-ELS Vehicles
    - High quality well made and cheap custom packs!
    - Love and support and a family to chat with!
    - A place to get away from the real world and relax!
    Join today and join us on a road to success!
    Be apart of a family!
    Red and Blue vehicles.
    Submitted by NozySunrise in Police  
    73   485  
    [NON-ELS] 2016 Ford Taurus - Code 3 - FiveM Ready
    ELS: No Model Status: Locked
    hello! i decided to do a little quick free release, hope you enjoy and if i missed any credits, make sure to let me know! also would appreciate if you join my discord for more free releases! would also appreciate a review but anyways, and also a livery is included in the ytd, same with templates. thanks and enjoy!
    Extra List
    Extra 1: Code 3 21tr | Lightbar
    Extra 2: Code 3 Supervisor Flex | Visor Lighting
    Extra 3: Code 3 XT Series | Dashlight
    Extra 4: Code 3 CommandStik | Rear Deck Lighting
    Extra 5: Code 3 MR6 | License Plate Lighting
    Extra 6: Code 3 MR6 with Pushbar | Westin Pushbar Lighting
    Extra 7: Wrap Around to Westin Pushbar
    Extra 8: Code 3 MR6 | Grille Lighting
    Extra 9: Spotlights Open | MOVEABLE SPOTLIGHT
    Extra 10: Spot Lights Closed
    Extra 11: Antennas | Setup to Wobble
    Extra 12: ALPRs
    Things to Note
    - When spawning the vehicle, change your vehicle window tint to "None" so you have the correct lightbar glass color and not a black glass.
    - Trunk Animation was not included with this base and I am not getting georgiemoon's because i am..... poor!
    - Download includes both a Red and Blue, and a Blue and Blue version of the vehicle!
    - If any credits are forgotten, please let me know in discord!
    - Updates will come in the future to any bugs that are found, atm there are none that i know of.
    Special Features
    - Moveable Spotlight
    - Wobble Antennas
    - Templates Included but a Livery has been made for it
    - Red and Blue, and Blue and Blue versions included
    Join My Discord for More Free Releases!
    Submitted by Sceptic in Police  
    87   673  
    Los Santos Sheriff Pack verions 1.0.0 Pack By Lavatorie Labs Productions
    ELS: Yes Model Status: Locked
    This is a vehical pack made by lavatorie labs productions that i have permession to relase to the public for this site for you guys to download and play with.
    This vehical Pack has the following police cars - 2011 Ford Crown Victoria  - 2010 Dodge Charger - 2015 Cheverolet Tahoe. 
    Please note there is a bug in this pack. I have to wait for frost 88 to releas an update to his vehical pack before i can fix this pack. 
    the orgianl vehical pack can be found here.
    The bug in this pack is if you put thease vehicals in the sheriff slot the top light bars will be black. If anyone knows how to fix this please let me know! 🙂 
    Submitted by themacuser1092 in Police  
    18   287  
    [NON-ELS] Federal Investigation Bureau 2011 Ford Crown Victoria
    ELS: No Model Status: Locked
    This Crown Victoria is a fan-fic based lighting and is my first vehicle as a Vehicle Developer!

    Check Out My Discord For More Amazing Products Like This One!

    Thank You!

    Submitted by TrooperWinston in Police  
    23   436  
    [ELS] Hybrid Electric Vehicle Pack
    ELS: Yes Model Status: Locked
    This pack is my return to making practical, realistic marked units. It features the first ever Ford Police Responder Hybrid Sedan, as accurate as I could make it.
    There are currently six vehicles in this pack, which is a stark contrast to what my previous projects have had. There will be one more update to include a few more modern HEVs. like the Toyota Prius, Ford F150 PowerBoost hybrid, and Ford Police Interceptor Utility hybrid.
    I was pressed for time and money to acquire the others that I wanted, like the Ford Mustang Mach E and the Toyota RAV4 Prime, so those will not be included in the update.
    Liveries by @echowolf!
    Installation instructions and spawn names are included in the archive.
    If you enjoy my work, join my Discord!
    Submitted by BlueGhost in Police  
    62   489  
    [NON-ELS] 2018 Undercover FPIS
    ELS: No Model Status: Locked
    I made this vehicle after taking a break from modelling and decided to release it. I really like the outcome of this model, please leave honest reviews, I want feedback so I can make my models better.
    Have a nice day and enjoy!
    Extra List:
    Extra_1 - Whelen Inner Edge FST
    Extra_3 - Grill and Side IONS
    Extra_4 - Whelen Inner Edge RST
    Extra_5 - Speakers (Only use if extra 4 is disabled.)
    Submitted by Zak in Police  
    49   459  
    2015-18 Slicktop Tahoe
    ELS: No Model Status: Locked
    Not much to say about this, Just another nice Slicktop Tahoe Choice to chose from. 

    Window Template Added
    Submitted by Officer Pringle in Police  
    41   302  
    PD Powered Wheelchair - NONELS
    ELS: No Model Status: Locked
    Non-ELS Police Powered Wheelchair
    Installation Instructions:
       - Drag and drop mods folder in your main GTA V directory.
       - Place the "DLClists.xml in mods>update.rpf>common>data" using OpenIV.
       - Now you are done!
    Spawn Code: scooter
    - Non-ELS w/environmental lighting
    - Optimized for latest NVE update!
    Recommended mods if it is not working:
    * (install "stock traffic" gameconfig)
    Submitted by officerpudding78 in Police  
    54   505  
    National Park Service Pack (U.S. Park Ranger)
    ELS: No Model Status: Locked
    The National Park Service (NPS) is an agency of the federal government of the United States that manages all national parks, many national monuments, and other conservation and historical properties. Moreover, National Park Service Law Enforcement Rangers suffer the highest number of felonious assaults and the highest number of homicides of all federal law enforcement officers. Their duties include emergency medical services, firefighting, search and rescue, and of course enforcing the law.
    •    2018 Marked FPIS
    •    2013 Marked FPIS (Coming soon)
    •    2019 Marked Chevrolet Tahoe SSV (Coming soon)
    •    2016 Marked Chevrolet Tahoe SSV (Coming soon)
    •    2019 Marked K9 Unit Chevrolet Tahoe SSV (Coming soon)
    •    2016 Marked K9 Unit Chevrolet Tahoe SSV (Coming soon)
    •    2018 Slicktop FPIS (Coming soon)
    •    2019 Slicktop Chevrolet Tahoe SSV (Coming soon)
    •    2018 Unmarked FPIS (Coming soon)
    •    2019 Unmarked Chevrolet Tahoe SSV (Coming soon)
    •    Accurate and beautiful environmental lighting.
    •    Breaking glass, working dials, animated exhaust, etc.
    •    Effective and modern Park-Kill pattern.
    •    Full 3-stage lighting for all 50 states (CA, TX, FL, NY, MA, etc.).
    •    Optimized file size.
    •    Realistic and reflective 4K livery.
    •    Rotatable and working spotlight.
    Optional Equipment
    •    Campaign hat (extra_1)
    •    Different laptop screens
    •    Front license plate (extra_2)
    •    Interior reflective door decals in different colors
    •    Several liveries 

    •    Discord
    •    Instagram
    •    Twitter
    Terms of Use
    •    You may not circumvent any protecting measures to edit models, you may not redistribute this archive or its contents without permission.
    •    You may use it for FiveM if you have the author’s permission.
    •    You may replace or edit textures for personal use and create and redistribute liveries of your own using the provided templates.
    Submitted by AgentDZN in Police  
    98   822  
    [NON-ELS] Tahoe R/B
    ELS: No Model Status: Locked
    This was something I made over the weekend as just a small project. This vehicle's lighting is not based off anything I just made what I think looks good. 
    IMPORTANT: ignore the "TOYO tires" in the images. R* Editor messed up the tires idk why R* editor be like that.
    If you want to join my Dev discord I have some vehicles on there if you are interested:
    Thanks to Deadly. for letting me use his Pima county sheriff livery for this upload:
    other than that enjoy and please leave constructive criticism
    Thanks to Alogin for making a little showcase:
    Submitted by blooni in Police  
    44   284  
    (2.3 Update!) Transit Police FPIS [DLS and non-ELS]
    ELS: No Model Status: Locked
    Ford Police Interceptor Sedan for the Los Santos Transit Police featuring the Federal Signal Valor lightbar
    Join my Discord server!

    Submitted by mellowyellowbudy in Police  
    384   2620  
    FiveM Ready | Unmarked Car Pack | Non-ELS | Traxx Modifications
    ELS: No Model Status: Locked
    Version 1.0 Released 4/20/2021
    Version 1.1 Released 4/25/2021
    Be sure to join my discord!
    Yes this may not be an original idea but I don't care. Over the next few months I plan to make at least a 25 car pack. This will be a free pack and I plan to provide as much support as I can for it. As well, Im gonna be creating this pack how I want to, i would love to hear the criticism but please don't be an ass for no reason. I hope you all enjoy this journey I'm about to embark on!
    V 1.0 CARS
    - 2021 Toyota RAV4
    - 2021 Ford F150 Limited
    - 2020 Ford Explorer
    - 2021 Chevy Tahoe
    - 2015 Subaru WRX STI
    - 2016 Chevy Impala
    V1.1 CARS
    - 2018 Dodge Charger
    - 2014 Dodge Charger
    Submitted by TraxxModifications in Police  
    276   1620  
    Sherburn County police pack ford explorer crown vic shevy tahoe
    ELS: Yes Model Status: Locked
    this police pack includes the following police cars.
    - 2013 Ford Explorer 
    - 2011 Crown Vic 
    - 2015 Shevy Tahoe 
    Submitted by themacuser1092 in Police  
    23   338  
    Los Santos Shevy Tahoe 2015
    ELS: Yes Model Status: Locked
    This is a 2015 shevy tahoe for los santos city. 
    Submitted by themacuser1092 in Police  
    15   324  

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