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    Thin blue line keyring | Aurora Development
    Model Status: Unlocked
    Today I am releasing this for dev's to put on their EUP or inside their vehicle's etc...
    You can use this on your belt's, Some thing to put on the dashboard of your vehicle
    or even make it 10x bigger and sit it on a flatbed if you like.
    I do not care what you do with it, As you long as whatever you do, does NOT put a bad reputation
    on Aurora development and you follow TOS. Oh and you MUST give credit.
           ^ Discord link ^
    Submitted by JamesA5909 in Dev Support  
    1   185  
    Alci's img editor
    one of the most common img editors for GTA SA to edit the gta3.img
    Submitted by PArescueEMT in Dev Support  
    37   1051  
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