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    BiggySmallz Color Mod & ENB Settings(plus timecyc)
    BiggySmallz Color Mod & ENB Settings(plus timecyc)
    Submitted by BiggySmallz in Scripts / Misc  
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    BiggySmallz Vehicle.txd (Version 2)
    To use with all my mods.
    Submitted by BiggySmallz in Scripts / Misc  
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    Whelen WS2100 Siren
    I decided to make this siren as some of my local sheriffs units use it. Please give feedback, any and all is welcomed. I recommend installing this siren with modloader as it will not break your other sounds. Please note that the video is for GTAIV but the siren is the same.
    Submitted by Chip in Scripts / Misc  
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    Radar, Discord and Mini Map Hud
    ----Radar, Discord and Minimap Hud----
    Drag and drop into mod loader folder.
    Enlarged Minimap Hud
    Radar Map Mod with Street Names
    Discord Plugin - Shows what server your playing on.
    Do not ask me to help install modifications.
    Credits to Content Creators and Original Makers.
    Credits to Textures Creators and Original Makers.
    Please contact me if you'd like this taken down if your OC.
    Submitted by Avine96 in Scripts / Misc  
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    GPM RP Map replacement
    replacement game map for all of San Andreas from the original GPM RP servers.
    Submitted by PArescueEMT in Scripts / Misc  
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    Metro Police Department Skins based on Las Vegas MPD uniforms
    Basically I made this pack for SAPDFR online (MTA), however, it will work with other platforms such as (SAMP, Single player etc) 
    do note, the skin names are also set up for SAPDFR online, if you are willing to put it in the other platforms, you might wanna play with the dff and txd names to what suits your liking.
    Submitted by WolfSchultz in Scripts / Misc  
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