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    [ 999 UK Emergency Script Non ESX FiveM Ready ]
    ELS: No
    999 UK Emergency for some UK Community   
    Commands /999 Report 
    Submitted by MikeTheDev321 in Scripts / Misc  
    5   112  
    [PSD] Development Chevrons
    ELS: N/A
    This was made for livery designers! But use them as you wish 🙂
    These can be used on anything as long as credit is given accordingly. That's all I Ask!
    Visit my website - - where this and a bunch of other things are released!
    Designed By - Marsh
    Discord -
    Submitted by Marsh in Scripts / Misc  
    72   963  
    Xtreme HardPolice Mod
    ELS: No
    Hello this is my new mod.

    This is Script created by me.

    This mod will make police to carry Special Guns at certain wanted level and some times wearing Vests to not to be killed faster. This mod Will enable Armoured Security with their Stockades to hunt you down. They will be helping police so none of them will kill eachother. Now at wanted level 6 Military will be joining to shoot you down with SMG, M4, DESERT EAGLE, & sometimes with RPG. Traffic Cops and State Trooper , Police Men will also have RPG but at rare. They will carry M4 with them so run away or stay at home.
    Mod link:

    Mod will always here at this link.
    1star - no change
    2star - police have MP5
    3star - M4 and MP5
    4star - NOOSE and FIB will hunt you at same time
    6star - entry of Liberty City Army at certain Times.
    Things used: 
    1. M_m_fatcop_01Fat Cops
    2. M_y_cop Cops
    3. M_y_cop_traffic Blue Shirt Cops(found in Alderney)
    4. M_y_strooper Street Policemen
    5. M_y_swat N.O.O.S.E Officers
    6. M_m_fbi F.I.B. Agents
    7. M_m_armoured Armoured Security (not found in Single player?)
    8. M_m_gunnut_01 Replaced as Army Ped( I don't think game use this ped anywhere)
    Go to common/data/peds.ide and edit CIVMALE to COP for m_m_armoured and m_m_gunnut_01.
    Submitted by Sgautam in Scripts / Misc  
    7   1717  
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