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    2019-2020 Chevrolet Tahoe PPV
    Model Status: Locked File Type: Lightbar
    I Thank every single soul that has supported this very long project from the start.
    It has been such a pleasure working on this Tahoe for release, and I hope
    to make more quality developer releases like this one. 
    -I do ask for a few favors when using this base model.
    -Do NOT release in a unlocked state.
    -Do NOT sell this base model
    -Please do NOT use parts of this model or any equipment off it on other models without permission
    -Do NOT re upload this model to any other sites than the ones I have released on, doesn't matter
    if you "fixed" or did something to it.
    -if you are wanting to sell using this base model feel free
    -Please for the love of god take your time and create a nice and quality model instead of rushing a release
    this is the way you can respect my work.
    -Only credit is needed when releasing using this model. 
    - A huge thanks to everyone below for helping make this project as good as it is.
    Krul, TickleMyElmo, Blaster, HP Deskjet, Bigams, INSAN1TY, Billy J and Maurice97
    An update will come soon that features a lower yft size
    I'm not happy with the normal on the doors and rear body so thats gonna be fixed very soon

    https://discord.gg/kstFFq3 This is a link for my personal discord server where I will be posting on future wip's 
    if you are looking for some really nice interior parts for this Tahoe check out my good friend billy https://discord.gg/aGT7yex
    Submitted by Dan with da Van in Dev Support  
    2188   14839  
    License Plate Pack (W.I.P) [NY][Delaware][Tennessee]
    Model Status: Unlocked
    About the Pack
    Currently this license pack consist of 15 license plates from 6 different states and two misc license plates. I will first work on the east coast states, currently I have done South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Virginia and Pennsylvania. There's only one plate for PA at the moment I may revisit and make a different plate in a future update along with Tennessee, West Virginia, and New York. I will also revisit Georgia and for the most part will probably revisit each state for different plate variations in that state, for now I'm focused on at least 2 for each state though. 
    I may do plates for foreign countries as well, feel free to five suggestions on plates for variation. 

    Submitted by GTAKING23000 in Dev Support  
    196   2411  
    Model Status: Locked
    May be hot, eat with caution.
    Submitted by TheRealJosh in Dev Support  
    14   666  
    Snack Pack
    Model Status: Locked
    Enjoy the food it expires in about three months 
    Submitted by TheRealJosh in Dev Support  
    22   836  
    Whelen Liberty I 48" & 54" [DEV]
    Model Status: Unlocked File Type: Lightbar
    Thank you for downloading my 48" Whelen Liberty I lightbar.  
    This took a few weeks to remake and a lot of effort on my end.
    I took the original base from RoegenTTV's Whelen Liberty (Which I have permission to re-release with proper credits)
    and then I decided to re make it for the community since even Liberty I out there right now that is public is not the best.
    My lightbar is not the best either and this is one of my first projects of fixing something up and doing some scratch modeling.
    You can re use this bar with proper credits and on a LOCKED model.  This lightbar is not to be sold due to some of the textures 
    being from a dev which does not have a re sell policy.
    Submitted by Tyler Designs in Dev Support  
    421   2646  
    Pepsi Can
    Model Status: Locked
    Looking for a nice cold drink well here it is enjoy 
    Submitted by TheRealJosh in Dev Support  
    64   770  
    Toilet Paper
    Model Status: Unlocked File Type: Lightbar
    At the request of @Ray Here is some toilet paper for everyone in need during the COVID-19 pandemic.
    Stay safe and buy all the toilet paper possible so no one else can.
    Submitted by Walters in Dev Support  
    47   898  
    [DEV] Federal Signal Legend
    Model Status: Unlocked File Type: Lightbar
    ~~~ [DEV] Federal Signal Legend ~~~
    Made this for my RCMP pack. Now you can have it. Includes a 45" and a 53" Legend.
    Updated with less textures, less materials, lower poly and redone takedowns!
    Submitted by Walters in Dev Support  
    465   3287  
    GPM/FivePd Calculator
    Model Status: Locked
    This is a one of a kind of calculator that you can't find anywhere else.
    Submitted by TheRealJosh in Dev Support  
    33   860  
    [DEV] Molded seating for 2018 Charger
    Model Status: Unlocked
    - [DEV] Molded seating for 2018 Charger -
    Made quick and easy. Not accurately made but the shape was based on a Setina. Thought I'd upload it here instead of having it collect space on my desktop. 
    L0 = 2150 tris
    L1 = 1170 tris
    L2 = 350 tris
    Terms of use: 
    - Do not re-upload.
    - Do not claim as your own.
    - Do not change any textures without my permission. 
    Make sure to join my Discord for more products like this!
    Discord: http://discord.billyjmodifications.com/
    Submitted by Billy Johnsson in Dev Support  
    245   1435  
    StarChase Pursuit Management System Deployment System & Controller
    Model Status: Unlocked File Type: Exterior Accessories
    I made this awhile ago, decided to upload it for others to enjoy. Not the best out there but not the worst. No support will be given. Accurately scaled. 
    Submitted by Him1250 in Dev Support  
    86   1189  
    Stalker Dual DSR
    Model Status: Unlocked File Type: Interior Accessories
    It's a Radar, I'll add a better description about the file later but I cba right now. Also, YES YOU NEED TO MAKE THE WIRES YOURSELF. The only thing in that file that's wireless is the remote, everything else is wired.
    Submitted by Jakub in Dev Support  
    502   2159  
    [DEV] Spoon
    Model Status: Unlocked
    Spoon development part:
    LOD: LOD till L3
    Dirtmap: Spoon is dirt mapped
    Lowpoly: Yes
    Highpoly: Yes
    Weighted normals: Yes
    Collision: Yes
    Materials: Yes
    Submitted by Dan with da Van in Dev Support  
    36   1169  
    Feniex Industries Fusion GPL Lightbar
    Model Status: Unlocked File Type: Lightbar
    Just a light bar not much to say about it comes with takedowns, 3rd & 4th extra brake lights, and traffic advisor on the back all features can be removed 
    All credits are in the file
    Can be both ELS or NON-ELS
    Make sure to read the Must Read text file 
    Link to video of actual lightbar in action
    Submitted by D.King in Dev Support  
    93   1235  
    [DEV] Remington 870 shotgun
    Model Status: Unlocked File Type: Weapon
    - [DEV] Remington 870 shotgun -
    A shotgun prop made to be low poly and a nice detail to interiors. The shotgun comes with 3 custom texture maps, 1 diffuse texture, 1 normal map and a spec map. 
    L0 = 862 tris
    L1 = 418 tris
    L2 = 238 tris
    Terms of use: 
    - Do not re-upload.
    - Do not claim as your own.
    - Do not change any textures without my permission. 
    Discord: http://discord.billyjmodifications.com/
    Submitted by Billy Johnsson in Dev Support  
    198   1435  
    "The Rookie" Vehicle Partition
    Model Status: Unlocked
    Join my Discord here! https://discord.gg/Je2CqkP
    First off, Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers out there! This partition was fitted for OfficerUnderwood's CVPI, but can be used in any CVPI base. As mentioned in the title, this was based off of the famous TV Show, "The Rookie".
     | Partition from "The Rookie", modelled, textured, and made game ready for GTA V by Dirty Dan. (Dirty Dan#1934 - Discord)
    YTD Instructions:
     | partition_diff - A8R8G8B8 Compression - MipMaps 1
     | partition_spec - DXT5 Compression - MipMaps 1
     | partition_nrml - DXT1 Compression - MipMaps 1
     | partglass - DXT5 Compression - MipMaps 1
    Asset Information:
     | Main Partition Polygon Count - 86
     | 2D Grates Polygon Count - 8 (I recommened using this one strongly, there is a bit of difference in between this and the 3D, but it'll save game performance with a slightly lower MB model.
     | 3D Grates Polygon Count - 7976
     | 2 Materials
     | 5 Textures
    Terms of Service:
     | Do not rip/steal/unlock or redistribute any files included, without prior permission from Discord User, Dirty Dan#1934, Discord User ID: 375326286777679882
     | Do not use stolen assets when using this.
     | Please use Google/Youtube first before messaging me about errors. You can use the #support channel in my Discord first though if you have an issue.
     | Please do not blame me if your game/Zmodeler breaks, always create backups before modding.
     | You have my permission to use my releases/assets in FiveM Servers.
    Please notify me of any bugs or errors found while using this asset, it will help me tremendously and also will allow me to fix any issues that went undiscovered.
    Submitted by Dirty Dan in Dev Support  
    78   1324  
    [DEV] Chevy Ambulance
    Model Status: Unlocked
    Chevy Ambulance base. 

    I have been working on this for a while now and it could use a bit more work if im honest. Its current state is fully working and usable.
    I hope you guys enjoy this base
    Submitted by Rogue Thunder in Dev Support  
    267   2504  
    Starbucks Coffee Cup
    Model Status: Locked
    This might be hot so drink with caution. 
    Submitted by TheRealJosh in Dev Support  
    131   1009  
    GPM Cigar
    Model Status: Locked
    Well this is a cigar so use with caution may cause lung cancer 
    Submitted by TheRealJosh in Dev Support  
    15   597  
    Harris M/A-COM M7100
    Model Status: Unlocked File Type: Interior Accessories
    It's a radio, I'll add a better description about the file later but I cba right now.
    Submitted by Jakub in Dev Support  
    425   1608  
    [UNFINISHED] 2020 Ford Explorer Base
    Model Status: Unlocked File Type: Vehicle Base
    2020 Ford Explorer

    Polygons: 341,985
    Triangles: 341,985
    Edges: 1,025,955
    Vertices: 184,921
    Total Objects: 140
    I am going to begin by explaining why I am releasing this project in the current state it is:

    1.) I honestly do not have the time to be working on this project anymore. With everything else I am doing, this project was just sitting on my desktop and only being worked on when I got bored or had nothing else to do. I don't want that to be the case anymore. Therefore, I am releasing it to the community. 
    2.) I just don't want to model anymore. I mean, I do! But I Just don't find it fun anymore. It has become more and more repetitive and overall, it just become boring. Instead, I am going to try taking my modeling experience up a notch an do things I wouldn't normally do. Sadly, this means that it goes in the complete opposite direction of modeling for GTA V. 
    3.) There are developers better than me! While I like to think that I am good, in all honesty, I am not. You have far better out there that know what they are doing. And together, as a community whole, this project can turn out to be one of the best models ever. Multiple individuals can come together with background in every aspect and create something amazing. Well... that's the hope.

    I do want to say this real quick:

    1.) This is a high poly model. The other one I have is millions of poly's as well, so this is a literal gift to have where it is. 
    2.) This base needs to be crunched, textured, and converted. 

    Ultimately, let's talk about the Terms and Conditions real quick! If you read it entirely, which you always should, I explain my opinion. And there are others that agree with me. However, I want to say this, you can sell this vehicle. But you cannot just complete this vehicle and then sell it. That takes away everything I wanted to happen and I won't let that happen. My focus may be elsewhere, but I will continuedly make sure that this remains free, except for the circumstances I explained in the T&C's. I am not like other developers. You don't have to credit me, you don't have to say where you got the model from, you can even say you bought it to impress your cat or something. Just don't do anything unethical with the file. I can literally give no care in the world if you sell this vehicle completed in a pack. Do what they T&C's say. I don't have if you make an entire police vehicle out of this and sell it to your friend, just DO WHAT THE T&C says. I want there to be freedom but giving to much can be a bad thing. 

    Overtime, as I think of things, I will update this file. I don't think I'll ever update the model but just the other contents inside. Message me your creations and show me what you are capable of doing. 

    If you have concerns, message me on Discord. Just know that now that you guys will have this stuff, I will be getting rid of everything related to it besides the textures. Good textures on a bad model can make the model look like a million dollars.

    I do hope everyone enjoys though! 
    Disclaimer: Every time you download this file, you are required to give me your dog!!

    Submitted by Yesaviation1 in Dev Support  
    83   1248  
    2017 Dodge ram 1500
    Model Status: Unlocked File Type: Vehicle Base
    This model has been sitting and collecting dust.
    I know its not the best thing around interior wise but its not a bad truck. 
    Merry Christmas 🎄
    Submitted by Rogue Thunder in Dev Support  
    319   1569  
    [DEV] 48" Whelen Legacy DUO
    yes. polycount is around 6.9k polys but you can easily go 6.5k if you replace the takedowns with normal modules so that cool i guess. k bye
    Submitted by krul in Dev Support  
    520   3452  
    [DEV] Christmas Present Pack from Panos_zaf
    [DEV] Christmas Present Pack from Panos_zaf
    Merry Christmass eve Everyone Heres some goodies i made but never released before its pretty simple things some of them took a lot of time
    to make nothing too fancy but hey ho its something.
    This Present Gift includes:

    Theres a pdf in each folder with FULL info-Credits-description-disclaimers-TOS yada yada 
    Submitted by panos_zaf in Dev Support  
    245   2595  
    Kustom Signals Eagle Plus, Eagle I, Eagle II Radars
    Model Status: Unlocked
    Includes 3 different types of Kustom Signals Radars and Controllers as well as the antennas and a Reference Manual. I'll add more to this in the future such as more mounts and small things like tuning forks etc.
    Submitted by Jakub in Dev Support  
    525   3040  
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