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  3. Welcome to City of Los Santos RP. A server that you can be anybody you want to be with multiple jobs however, the more focus is on Police Officer.
  4. Screenshots of your server console as well would be helpful.
  5. oh do i just delete the ones i don't need?
  6. Requests don't necessarily belong here. There are many modeler or artists out there who take commissions. Thank you.
  7. Please do not use this channel for requests. Many modeler have request channels or you can simply open a commission. Thank you.
  8. To add to this; Which ELS+ do you use? Some of these issues actually stem from how certain ELS+ resources work; and even the RPH:PD server has encountered issues with an ELS+ script only to be told "That's how it is" Like sirens randomly turning on & off in Stage 3 or muting themselves. From what I have gathered; you can make changes to the CLASS; FLAGS; Carvariation and even the .xml that's loaded in the __resource.lua and it still doesn't make a difference. Try cleaning the cache of your server and maybe that will help. We now move to Non-ELS. Especially since ELS+ doesn't properly sync across servers depending on your region.
  9. This content has been locked by the Community Team. If you feel this was a mistake, please report this reply with a valid reason.
  10. Seems like you are missing some requirements. I recommend not to put a huge amount of resources in and then test. You said you took some resources out; did you clean the cache after?
  11. Hello I am New To Dev work and i got FivePD to work but i then put in some resources then went back into the server and now it wont work i then got rid of the resources i put in and its still the same thing . Can Some one plesase Help
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Extra 1 - Lightbar Lights Extra 2 - Lightbar Takedowns Extra 11 - Front Plate
  13. Last week
  14. Version 1.0.0


    I was gonna work on it some more, but decided to devote time to something else. Male Female compatible, includes 7 star badge as well as a belt variant, also has an embroidered option under bags and parachutes to try and match the patch badges Joliet Police Department uses on light vests.
  15. Luminous Designs

    In Game Scenery

    Ill put all the pictures I take from in game that arent featuring any vehicles.
  16. Can confirm. Dropping a suspect off at Vespucci station causes callouts to break. Suspect Blips don't disappear for a long period of time if dropping off there and PedData persists between callouts. This only seems to happen if dropping off at Vespucci. Every other drop off point works.
  17. If you want callouts in a specific language, you'll probably have to make them yourself or ask the author to do it for you. You can't translate callouts by yourself unless they're open-source.
  18. Hello! I'm wondering if there is a possibility for callouts to be translated into my native language and if so, with which program. greetings
  19. Steezens

    New W.I.P. Textures

    Just a place to showcase my new texture packs that I will be releasing
  20. Can you explain how you fixed it, i’m having the same issue
  21. I'm working on a callout pack called Emergency Callouts with another dev. We will fully release at 1.0


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