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  • Community Affiliates

    These are approved communities by GTAPoliceMods

  • Precision Esports

    About: Precision Esports is an up and coming US based Esports Organization focused on growing our community and competing on the highest level.
    Being community driven allows us to be more personal and interactive with our members as well as give the opportunity for anyone to be a part of our venture.
    As of now, we curate a handful of Esports teams including Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Rainbow Six Siege (PC), and soon enough, Rocket League (PC).
    In the near future, we will also be hosting leagues and tournaments for our respective Esports titles.

    Community Link: Official Twitter Account / Discord

    Owned By: Venom270


  • NOTE: Community Affiliates are those who own a gaming community that meets the requirements of "GTAPoliceMods Community Affiliate Guidelines". These communities are ran by people who have made an application via our support ticket section and have passed the requirements needed to become a GPM Community Affiliate. The reason why GTAPoliceMods offers this because we want to give back to content creators who either own a gaming community, live stream on twitch, or anything that has to do with gaming in-general help grow their audiance. Please note that GTAPoliceMods is its own entity, we have no say on what happens inside of the communities of our Community Affiliates and we recommend all members do their research before joining.

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