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Follow the development of the Economy plugin for FivePD by Benzaboy.
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  2. Is this still a thing? Our team was planning on an ESX / FivePD hybrid server but I'm pretty sure that due to the way ESX and FivePD play together, that's not an option. If this is something that is still in development I'd love to know, we'll work on other things while we wait for a launch of this.
  3. Do we have an updated timeframe on this?
  4. Hello everyone, Today I decided I'd make a quick post to update everyone on the progress of FivePD Economy. First of all, I'd like to thank everyone for your support in the project and I have came to realise that the anticipation for this plugin is huge! Development has stopped over the past couple of months due to my own personal reasons, but I am glad to say that I have restarted development once again. While I definitely do not have a release date, I hope to have a functional version (possibly ready for release) by Christmas and new year. One thing to note is that I will be taking my time with the project rather than exhausting myself to get it done as quickly as possible. With the job I have as well as college assignments, I may end up taking another break as it comes closer towards the holiday season. I have been working on some of the following features: Inventory System Grocery Stores Gun Stores Banks All of these things are almost done. All of the stores (apart from the gun store) will have robbery systems when complete. I am still needing to make some of the items and work out how people will use them, but so far everything is functional and has been tested. Soon I will be getting started on the following: Car Dealership Jobs Character Creation Admin Menu (For Live modification and moderation) This plugin relies heavily on MySQL databases, however, I am trying to make it as easy as possible to install onto anyone's server as possible. There will be far more features before the full release but these are just some of the things I plan on starting in the coming weeks. I am also planning on potentially having a small testing team, but I will discuss more details when I have figured out my plans for it. Thank you for everyone's patients and support!
  5. You can now deposit and withdraw money from your character bank account. This is now complete, apart from location configuration.
  6. Inventory is set up and functional! At the moment, you can't do anything with the items you have.
  7. The Store system is complete (apart from adding more locations and items) Next will be the inventory, gun stores, etc!!!

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