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The place for all RCMP related stuff.
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  2. YES SIR! Been following development since GTA IV when you dropped it for that game! Addon implementation is greatly appreciated. Keep it up!
    Holy F those cars are amazing. Incredibly realistic, especially flash patterns.
  3. Be sure to check out the version 3 of the updated RCMP beta test under "Beta Test" This need public beta test includes: New RCMP UNFINISHED 2013 Expedition New slicktop 13 Taurus Both unmarked and slicktop CVPIs are in the game. It's no longer one or the other. Pack is now addon Redone lighting patterns
  4. Version 3


    The pack is now addon, and a addition of the slicktop Taurus and UNFINISHED Expedition.
  5. Walters

    New Vehicles

    Screenshots of non released vehicles.
  6. Walters


    From the album: New Vehicles

  7. Walters


    From the album: New Vehicles

  8. Pictures of any cars from the RCMP pack.
  9. Pictures of the Crown Victorias from the Updated RCMP beta test file in this club.
  10. From the album: Updated CVPI Beta Test Screenshots

    Showcase of the Tir6 500 Series with new wires and the new Whelen SA315P siren speaker and new pushbar textures.
  11. From the album: Updated CVPI Beta Test Screenshots

    The updated RCMP CVPI interior

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