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About This Club

This the official club for GTAKING23000, the efforts of this club include, support for texture artists and any other graphical needs, including tips for various photo editing software. when applicable. ALL GPM GUIDELINES APPLY HERE.
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  2. "In this easy tutorial, i will show u how to create Polka dot pattern in photoshop. You can use the same trick to do any pattern"
  3. GTAKING23000


    Screenshots taken by me, some are W.I.P's some are simply other peoples fine work.
  4. Need to do some adjustments with the lettering
  5. Need to do some adjustments with the lettering
  6. About this skin This pack consist of badges I have made over time for vehicle textures, decided to share them with you guy's here, have been posting them in my discord and others since they were made. My discord server: https://discord.gg/nTyF3vS

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