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  • v1.5.1 - Various Bugs

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    We have been having issues regarding FivePD version v1.5.1.

    Note that these bugs were replicated on multiple servers. (VPS & Self Hosted Servers).

    First attempts were tested on servers with custom scripts and tested again with just FivePD running.


    Upon spawning into a server the police car model ('police') spawns in near or on a player. (Sometimes multiple spawns at random intervals.)

    The "locals" or AI responders (Towing, Transport, Medic & Coroner) spawn near a scene without a vehicle or just the vehicle only. 

    If the locals do manage to respond correctly they just stand there. Canceling or requesting through the scene manager sometimes does not work at all.


    Attempts we have tried to fix:

    Changing server versions.

    Changing mysql to sqlite.

    Changing FiveM builds.

    Reverting back to previous FivePD build 1.4. 

    Port forwarding to different ports.

    With and without txadmin running.

     Disabling various FivePD menu options.

    JSON editing default and custom. (Vehicles, Weapons, Peds etc.)


    I did not want to post here but it's boiled down to frustration at this point and my brain is tired. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    All of these are known issues that will be fixed by the next version of FivePD, there is no ETA for this update yet. You can mitigate some of the spawning issues by disabling OneSync, though you will still likely have issues with them failing to spawn. Some people report better success using 1.4.1.

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