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  • v1.5.1 Garages Vehicle Spawning Bug

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    What issue are you experiencing?

    After restarting the server, when I login to the game (first player), what appears to be all of the vehicles in my garages.json file spawn on my head, explode and remain there. Going to the FivePD Admin Menu > Garages > Respawn all garages does not have any effect. Going to the callout menu, Debug menu, delete vehicles, deletes the vehicles but then they spawn on my head and explode again. If I exit the game and come back in the garages sort of work. Sometimes there's no vehicles, sometimes there's two of the same vehicles inside of each other.


    What did you do for this bug to occur?

    I have validated the garages.json with a json validator and the file shows no problems. This seems to only happen for the first player that logs into the server after it comes online.

    garages.json - https://pastebin.com/vuhqR1iG


    Do you own the server on which this bug occured?

    Yes - OneSync infinity is enabled in txAdmin.


    Attach a screenshot of your ingame console (Press F8 to open it)

    See attached.


    Attach a picture or a GIF, but the best is if you can provide a full video of it!

    See attached photo, shows what it looks like about 30 seconds after I login.


    Attach a screenshot of your server console



    What OS (Operating System) are you using?

    Windows 10


    What version of FiveM server are you using?

    Versions: v3.7.0 / 3922


    Are you using any other server side resources? If so please list:

    ## These resources will start by default.
    ensure mapmanager
    ensure chat
    ensure spawnmanager
    ensure sessionmanager
    ensure basic-gamemode
    ensure hardcap

    # Addin resources.
    ensure fivepd
    start FireScript
    start Badger_Discord_API
    start DiscordAcePerms
    start loadscreen
    start NativeUI
    start eup-ui
    start eup-stream
    start whatsmyid
    start vMenu
    start z-speedometer
    start streetLabel-master
    start removeparkedfiretrucks
    start melee
    start map
    start lux_vehcontrol
    start postal_near
    start LeaveEngineRunning
    start keepcalm
    start hose
    start frfuel
    start drag
    start dpemotes
    start disabledispatch
    start CarryPeople
    start calmwater
    start boatanchor
    start RPCore
    start RPDeath
    start ExternalVehicleCommands
    start policeboost
    start spotlight
    start lightfix
    start RealAITraffic
    start NoDriveBy
    start crouch
    start ace-semiauto
    start ChairBedSystem
    start DiscordChatRoles
    start wk_brakelights
    start wheels
    start heli
    start flashlight
    start inferno-vehicle-attachment
    start ColoredHud
    start wk_wars2x
    start shield
    start tab
    start pAnnounce
    start stretcher-script
    start vehicleblackout
    start watermark
    start DiscordVehicleWhitelist
    start k9-master
    start dpclothing

    # Mappings
    start bob74_ipl
    start BrownProxy
    start [mappings]

    # Addin vehicles.
    start [vehicles]

    # Addin weapons.
    start [weapons]



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