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  • v1.5.1 - Callouts not getting completed

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    I'm new in FivePD and dont know much about it's features or how it works but I have this question on my mind while playing.

    When I finish arresting someone or getting someone get taken by an ambulance does the callout need to get completed by it's own or do I have to call code 4 for it?

    In the case that I have to manually call it as code 4 does this callout need to be added in the "completed" section of the DB and show up in there?

    I ask this because I always need to call code 4 manually in all callouts but when I get in a vehicle and access the computer to check the completed callouts there's none after I've done or completed like 10 or more of them. I have all citations, arrest and more saved and loaded into the DB but the callouts are not added, is this how it goes or am I having a problem?




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    You manually code 4 it, also in the db you file the report of the call out you just did. Once report is done It will go to the completed section.

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