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  • v1.1.4 Services & People Issues

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    What issue are you experiencing?


    First of all, Bug 1, the services are extremely buggy.


    1. When they arrive on scene, they sometimes drive like absolute sh*theads and ram into everything.

    2. They don't ignore speedzones anymore once they're done doing what they were supposed to do.

    3. Sometimes they don't do what they're supposed to at all. e.g. the coroner arrives, gets out, and then runs to the corpses to proceed to do: Nothing.

    Nothing at all. They just stand there next to the corpse, not doing anything anymore.

    4. Sometimes when they're done, they don't despawn. Same goes for the "An error has occured, Service cancelled" spawns. We have encountered so many towtrucks sitting in the middle of the street, not despawning.

    5. At some scenes, it is impossible not to have an error with, e.g. an Air Ambulance.


    EDIT: 6. Calling the Mechanic crashes my game.




    Bug 2:


    People standing around on the street, assumably due to the now multiple people in one car.

    What did you do for this bug to occur?


    Bug 1: Call a service ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


    Bug 2: Nothing at all.


    Note: We have no additional scripts meddling in our business, and did a complete fresh install of 1.1.4 due to longer absence of the game. If you want an explanation video like I've done before, I will be happy to oblige.


    Do you own the server on which this bug occured?


    Yup, an unofficial undedicated, run on our computer.

    Attach a screenshot of your ingame console



    Attach a picture or a GIF, but the best is if you can provide a full video of it!




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    Hey, hes a buddy of mine. The people issue is now gone becuz we deactivaed Onesync ... Onesync caused a lot ot trouble whit fivepd. Hope this is fixed in the future. Becuz many players have now Onesync problems on one or the other way.


    BUT! -> the service issue isnt solved. The AI pathfinding is absolute terrible. Service cars a ignoring your patrol car also u ran u over ram ur vehicle etc.  Maybe this isn´t a FivePD thing but it destroy the immersion to play as a police officer many times :x



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    • Development Team

    Well, it is stated in the README pdf file that FivePD does NOT support OneSync.


    We can't do anything with the pathfinding, GTA handles it.

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