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  • v1.1.2.1 Problem ( ? ) with wanted level

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    What issue are you experiencing?


    the wanted level work when you just join a server, but once ON duty you dont have it anymore even after when OFF duty


    What did you do for this bug to occur?


    nothing, just go ON duty and you will dont have wanted level anymore after that even OFF duty


    Do you own the server on which this bug occured?


    yes its on my own server


    Attach a screenshot of your ingame console (Press F8 to open it)


    there is no error at all


    What OS (Operating System) are you using?


    Windows 10 pro 64 bits


    What version of FiveM server are you using?


    26.7.1 ( latest ) on ZapHosting


    Are you using any other server side resources? If so please list:


    just use the ESX framework but i am 100% sure that nothing conflict with FivePD, i even edited the whole framework so it use another tab in the database than " Users " since this tab is used by FivePD, so FivePD work in a clean environment


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    You didn't follow the format for a bug report. If you do in fact think this is a FivePD bug then I'd suggest reading "How to make a bug report" and making the former correct providing us with the information requested in the format.

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