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  • Transport Van despawning and leaving ped on road

    Grandpa Rex
    • Fixed

    Expected Action:

    Call prisoner transport and the suspect be transported to jail


    Actual Action:

    Prisoner transport picks up suspect and drives off. Suspect is then later found abandoned on the road somewhere, usually a good distance from where they were originally picked up at


    Event that brought bug to my attention:

    During a patrol with roughly 15 players our SASP handled a pursuit where the suspect bailed on foot. After apprehending the suspect they called in a prisoner transport, this was in the city.

    Later on in the patrol we moved AOP to the County the same trooper that arrested that suspect found them on the Senora FWY.

    Changes we have that might affect it:
    We have a custom prison transport van

    Have modified jail drop off points to only two on the map, Broiling Brook Pen and Mission Row PD



    This does not seem to happen all the time, and no issues where shown in the server side console or any F8 consoles


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