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  • Traffic Stop Ped Menu

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    Whenever pulling car over it only gives me stop ped menu and not the traffic stop menu which then I can't ask for their Driver License 


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    This is the only menu I get while on traffic stop and I'm unable to get any information from ped. I have also  tried changing the menu keys and have had no luck and this had been going on for over a week now. I've  also have started a new server and yet no change 


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    First you need to use that menu in your screenshot. The top option is "Ask for License". After you hit that, you need to open your Dispatch Menu. (The G key by default.) You can use the dispatch menu to check the driver's license. Alternatively you can bring up the driver's license after you have asked for it by hitting the J key. Walk back to your car, open your CAD, and type the name in. If your Dispatch Menu is the menu that is not appearing, check to make sure you have the button for it assigned, if that is not the problem and your Dispatch Menu is not appearing, I am afraid I cannot help you further.

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