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  • Services Bug with AI Peds

    Enemy of the State
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    This continuously happens when we call for an Ambulance/Coroner or Medical Heli sometimes too.

    It spawns AI peds right on top of us with no actual Ambulance. Sometimes an ambulance also shows up a few minutes later.



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    As stated in multiple posts across the website this is a known issue and is being worked on and will be fixed in the next version. However the fix is not a simple one and has resulted in a complete rewrite of FivePD codebase which as you can guess is no small task. Our development team is made up of volunteers who have real life responsibilities to handle first, though they are working tirelessly on working on the next version. Keep your eyes out on the FivePD news section here and in discord for updates, they will also be posted on the FivePD twitter.

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