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  • [READ ME] How to submit a bug report

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    Bug report rules

    • If your FivePD unloads itself, it is NOT a bug!
    • Follow the template
    • Before submitting a new bug report make sure that no other bug reports have been made for that issue
    • Do not report issues that are not FivePD related
    • Do not write titles with full uppercase letters
    • Check your grammar before posting it!



    Title of the bug report: <FivePD version> - <Bug> (Replace the words between the <> characters and remove them)

    Example title: v1.1 - MDT isn't working in some vehicles


    Content of the bug report:

    • What issue are you experiencing?
    • What did you do for this bug to occur?
    • Do you own the server on which this bug occured?
    • Attach a screenshot of your ingame console (Press F8 to open it)
    • Attach a picture or a GIF, but the best is if you can provide a full video of it!


    For server owners only:

    • Attach a screenshot of your server console
    • What OS (Operating System) are you using?
    • What version of FiveM server are you using?
    • Are you using any other server side resources? If so please list:



    If your bug report can not satisfy the rules it will be closed!


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