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  • pulling over cars

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    I cant pull over cars my Lshirt doesnt work and when i change my keybinding i cant hold E to get the ped to stop. i also use a controller and when i click A nothing happens as in the car doesn't pull over. I dont think i'm the only one with this bug. can u try to fix it please. ? i also have no errors 


    Annotation 2020-07-28 010331.png


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    Also, are you aware you need to turn on your sirens or lights to actually make the vehicle pull over in the newer versions of FivePD? With the shift-button, you will only "mark" the vehicle you'd like to pull over, the siren or lights signal the selected vehicle to actually pull over.

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    • Development Team

    Closing this because the followings:

    • You didn't follow the bug report rules
    • The traffic stop system works as intended. As @HB117 said you first blip them, then to make them pull over you need to turn on your siren. (Left shift not working ?)
    • Controller buttons have been disabled in a previous version
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    • Development Team

    No. They were disabled for a reason. Lot of people reported that it's conflicting with default GTA controls and with other plugins' controls as well.

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