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    What FivePD version?

    Version 1.1 (Hotfix)

    What issue are you experiencing?

    When the mechanic is called for any damaged vehicle (stock or modded), he will approach the vehicle and then do nothing.

    Please explain in detail what you're doing for this to occur

    Any officer will request a mechanic, who will then arrive on scene, approach the vehicle, and remain stationary next to it until they are dismissed without performing any repairs.

    Attach here a screenshot of your console (F8)

    See below.

    If you have any, please provide video, picture, or GIF of the error you are experiencing:

    I can if needed but I didn't record any particular instance, though it is easily reproduceable for us.



    What OS (Operating System) are you using (Ex. Linux, Windows)?


    What version of FiveM are you using?

    1.1 Hotfix

    Are you using any other server side/client side mods? If so please list:

    Many vehicle add-ons, EUP, FivePDAudio, most of the commonly ran mods. I can provide a full list if desired.




    User Feedback

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    I also experienced the same issue last night. tested it with both a vanilla police car ( Interceptor ) and a add on car. 18 challenger.   both times the mechanic just stood there and did not repair the car and did not leave.  Also noticed if i called for a mechanic via the dispatch menu " G Key" .   the mechanic would arrive.   if i tried via the MDT  the mechanic never showed on the map.  Would say cant find car.  


    mods im running


    -fivepd audio

    lux controls


    2 addon cars

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    ok so i have really been trying to figure out how to make the mechanic work and i think i did but with a little glitch. so i damage my car and pop the hood, call the mechanic from outside the car and when he shows up he will get out get back in and get out again thats when i cancel the mechanic and get in the car and about 5 seconds later the car is fixed. i still wish i didnt have to cancel him but im so happy with fivepd. Im not sure if its because of what im running in my server but the other bugs i had as far as the air ambulance went away after i cleared my server cache and fivem cache. hope this is helps someone. 

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    Here are the resources im running on my server and i got it to work watch the video for the explanation. hope this helps.  At the time of this video upload it is still processing to give it a few to show the video.


    # These resources will start by default.
    start mapmanager
    start chat
    start spawnmanager
    start sessionmanager
    start fivem
    start hardcap
    start fivepd
    start fivepdaudio
    start lux_vehcontrol
    exec resources/vMenu/config/permissions.cfg
    add_ace group.admin "vMenu.Everything" allow
    setr vmenu_bans_database_filepath "resources/vMenu/"
    start vMenu
    start EasyAdmin
    add_ace group.admin easyadmin allow
    set ea_moderationNotification "false"
    set ea_minIdentifierMatches 2
    start mysql-async
    start rconlog
    start scoreboard
    start map
    start bob75_ipl
    start brakelights
    start carhud
    start door-chime
    start frfuel
    start heli
    start nearest-postal
    start streetLabel
    start 11impala
    start 14chgr
    start 14tahoe
    start 18charger
    start 20tahoe
    start coronervan
    start Durastar
    start Ferrara
    start Kodiak
    start lspd
    start lspdnew
    start Md902
    start policemav
    start sahp
    start Spartan
    start state1
    start state2
    start state3
    start state4
    start state5
    start state6
    start toss
    start unmarked
    start vannouncer
    start sheriff
    start police
    start hway
    start rs9000
    start online

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