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  • Garage functions not working

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    Hi, im not seeing the options in the admin menu, and vehicles aren't spawning on their coords


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    13 minutes ago, Natixco said:

    Read the README and Release note, and turn on OneSync.

    onesync_enabled true

    "AdminMenu": {
            "title": "Admin menu",
            "subtitle": "Choose an option",
            "garageMenu": {
                "title": "Garages",
                "subtitle": "Choose an option",
                "respawnAll": "Respawn all garages",
                "respawnOne": "Respawn garage"
            "devMenu": {
                "title": "Development tools",
                "subtitle": "Choose an option",
                "save": "Save current position",
                "heading": "Add heading to position",
                "model": "Add ped model to position",
                "change": "Change ped model",


    We dont have anything spawn in, and when we open the admin menu all we see are the dev tools. Above is the line enabling onesync in the cfg and the admin menu lines from our en.json

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    • Development Team

    Because that's not how you enable OneSync. You need to write +set onesync on in the startup file after the exe run. And if you type "onesync" in the server console it'll show you if it's turned on or not.

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    2 minutes ago, Django said:

    So we have it set to legacy and not infinity which seems to be whats doing it

    That'll do it, Legacy is well legacy, FivePD as far as I know is made to work with infinity specifically, which is the "better" version of OneSync

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