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  • Dispatch Menu Bugs v1.4.1 - Bug with the dispatch ai getting frozen next to bodies

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    When calling EMS, the Fire Department, or a Coroner, if the body is far away from where they stopped their vehicle then they get stuck after tending to the body.  They will just stand next to it and not move or drive away.  When killed it shows an error message in the corner and that they were canceled. The image provided is an extreme example of the distance but I have had the same issue with the body was no more than 20 feet from the vehicle.


    I have tried disabling onesync and this did nothing to fix the issue but it did fix a different issue I was having where the tow truck would stop next to the car, freeze, and then send the notification that the car was picked up without actually picking it up.  However I am also having a different issue with dispatching the tow truck.  Sometimes when requesting it, it doesn't spawn and the menu is stuck saying "Cancel Tow Truck" but you cant click it and it doesn't change and you cant call a new tow truck until you rejoin the server or FivePD is reloaded. 


    I own the server and it is running on a windows virtual machine using hyper v.  I always update to the latest version of FiveM whenever I remember to check which is usually once a week.  I am using many other server resources and I have tried disabling all of them except the vehicles, maps, eup, and vMenu.  The full list is in the attached file.  There is nothing in the F8 console when these errors happen.




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