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  • Cant open z menu (callout menu) (1.14v Latest)

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    Hello there I don't know what I did wrong but every single version I tried so far don't work for me. 


    I have installed it as normal, goes on duty fine, but when you go inside the blue circle on duty, nothing pops up, same as off-duty. The other menus are fine but the call out one isn't, so can some one help me please? Thanks.





    I have the screenshots above so I don't know what is going??? I also have the latest version, oh and there is no errors in the console.


    Thank you in advance.


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    • Development Team

    I don't think you fully read them and understood them, but...

    • You can only open the Z menu and get callouts if you're in a department.
    • If you go into the blue markers nothing will ever pop up and you don't need to press anything. More info about that in the "FivePD 1.1.4 - Controls and basic gameplay information.pdf"
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    Ah ok I try again sorry I ain't that good at understanding things sometimes, when im new to it. 


    So I have to create departments and configure them? Is that correct?


    Thank you I keep you updated.


    Sorry. ?

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    I seemed to fix mine you have to add all sql files, or make them. Its working for me now part from nothing shows up in the circle, out side the police station in sandy. Not sure what that does as of yet.

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