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  • Callouts not working at all

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    I cannot seem to get any calls to initiate and have been trying for nearly a day.

    I'm using v1.5.1 via a Zap Hosting server

    Steps Taken
    - Fresh reinstall
    - Fresh database
    - Basic callouts without anything else

    I have a department installed and I'm part of it and try and get calls when On Duty


    Please advise?


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    On 6/15/2022 at 1:16 AM, DelenathMedivh said:

    Some of the people in my server are saying the same thing, was there any advise on this?

    Nope but found a way around it, I double checked all the callouts to make sure distance was set to false and made sure they are OneSync compatiable. Hope this helps!


    Also I have every callout a config.json file and they all seem to work fine now

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    If this occurs again please open a support thread, and we can try to troubleshoot to determine if a new bug report is needed.

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