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  • 1.4.1 - Flying Vehicles (Cruise Control)

    • New Bug

    Content of the bug report:

    What issue are you experiencing? Vehicles flying when enabling cruise control

    What did you do for this bug to occur? [It appears that this bug fixes itself if you use the keyboard while using cruise control or sometimes even when using the keyboard to drive at all] Enable Cruise Control in F11, Spawn Vehicle, Start Driving (with Controller), Enable Cruise Control (Ctrl), continue to hold gas for ~5 seconds (speed will not increase during this time), pull up on the left stick, start flying

    Do you own the server on which this bug occured? Yes

    Attach a screenshot of your ingame console (Press F8 to open it)image.thumb.png.2698517f12e50fffe89f5c947e483052.png

    Attach a picture or a GIF, but the best is if you can provide a full video of it!


    I would upload a video, but they're not allowed to be uploaded


    For server owners only:

    Attach a screenshot of your server console image.thumb.png.755dc5c667c047d603ae598551472c4e.png

    What OS (Operating System) are you using? Ubuntu 20.04.1 Server

    What version of FiveM server are you using? 3824

    Are you using any other server side resources? If so please list: Yes, but this also happens in a test server with the same OS and FXServer version with only FivePD and the default resources (https://github.com/citizenfx/cfx-server-data). This test server is also running on my local network (through a pfSense router), so it's not a networking problem.


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