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GTAPoliceMods Has Surpassed 100,000 Members! Click to Read

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Quick little announcement, one that I thought wouldn't happen until later this year; however, we have officially achieved 100,000 members on GTAPoliceMods. We started a little less than three years ago, and we're so happy to see the growth of this community. Coming in early/mid-January, we plan to hold a giveaway for this fantastic achievement.


Thank you to everyone who contributes to this ever-growing community. From our members who upload their excellent GTA content, our outstanding VIP members, all the way up to our staff team, we wouldn't be where we're at today without all of you. We can't wait to see what the future of GTAPoliceMods holds. Lastly, I wish all of you a wonderful start to 2022!


Kind regards,


Community Director of GTAPoliceMods

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