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Reminder for people registering to our site: E-Mail

This announcement is no longer active




Thinking about registering to our site? That's great to hear, but here's a few things to keep in mind when signing up. Especially when it comes to e-mail:


  1. Use a valid e-mail address, no 'ands,' 'ifs,' or 'buts.' You want to register to our site, we need to make sure you're who you say you are. We send out an account activation confirmation message. If you attempt to use a disposable e-mail service, our site will flag your account for manual review. So, if you open a ticket saying you didn't get your activation e-mail, we'll know why.

    We do not spam users, send unnecessary e-mails, or sell your info to advertisers. However, we need to be able to reach you in the event of something catastrophic happens (such as site security breach, etc.).
  2. Make sure your inbox isn't full! You'd be surprised how many times we get bounce backs from mail providers telling your e-mail inbox is full or reached it's maximum capacity. Happens quite frequently with GMail and Outlook/Hotmail users who also use the storage services of their providers!
  3. Check your junk mail! If you haven't received your activation message, please check your junk mail folder to make sure it's not there.
  4. In all other circumstances that you are unable to receive your validation e-mail, please open a support ticket with us under 'Account Activations' and we'll get right on it. Sometimes, certain mail providers will just block us for no rhyme or reason, or for something kinda goofy (probably because our mail server's IP is on the same subnet as a bunch of spam boxes).


Thanks for your time!

- Mike

Community Admin Director

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