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  • Welcome to GTAPoliceMods!

    GTAPoliceMods has always been the go-to place for law enforcement mods for the GTA community. We strive to continue this tradition and cover all releases of GTA for the PC. It doesn't matter if you are new to GPM or a returning member, we welcome you to the community.

Community News

  • By Ray
    As of today, GTAPoliceMods is glad to be partnering and teaming up with Sonoran Servers to offer all of our members high-quality FivePD VPS servers. If you or your community plan on creating your own FivePD server, or wish to switch to a hosting provider, we highly recommend you take a look at Sonoran Servers FivePD VPS server options, as we feel this will help new and old communities get started with FivePD without headache. Sonoran Servers includes the installation of FivePD without any extra
  • By FiveTwelve
    Members, As it's been getting colder and we've all been getting pushed back indoors towards our computers, the team here at GPM has been working hard on numerous changes to the site which will benefit you. Currently, we're undergoing an update to the latest version of the system which GTAPoliceMods runs on. We're happy to say that with this update comes many improvements to both the core of the site and its cosmetics. Keep an eye on the Downloads section especially, as we continue to revise
  • By Ray
    Members, As you may know, GTAPoliceMods is not just a community but also an advocate for real-world events and promotes positive change. This month, to support those affected by breast cancer, it is with great pleasure to announce that we will be donating 25% of our earnings from VIP sales to the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF). Those who acquire VIP from October 1st through October 31st will be awarded on November 1st, a rare pink ribbon medal to commemorate those who participated th

FivePD News

  • By Daniel K.
    Added   Error message for incompatible callouts (in F8) FivePD admins are now able to force join departments   Fixed   FivePD Discord bot bug (view here) A few smaller issues with an ambient event API: AddPedQuestions error Optimized events   How to update (from v1.2.8.2)   Replace: FivePD_client.net.dll FivePD_server.net.dl
  • By Daniel K.
    Added   Option to enable/disable ambient events (config/callouts.json -> enableAmbientEvents)   Changed   Decreased ambient event spawn chance Better ambient event randomization Key bindings are now using FiveM's key binding system Settings -> Key Bindings -> FiveM (fivepd keys)   Fixed   Trailers wont spawn in "broken down vehicle" ambient event Menu language error
  • By Daniel K.
    Fixed   Random language change error Dispatch menu translation callout directory issues (placing callouts in folders wouldn't load the callouts at all - NullReferenceException)   How to update (from v1.2.8)   Replace: FivePD_client.net.dll FivePD_server.net.dll  

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