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    As im sure you all know by now GTA V is coming to PC on January 27th. This will be brining life back into the GTA community and really rejuvenate modding. Along with a new first person mode there are tones of new features that will really bring modding back to life.

    Improved Grand Theft Auto Online performance

    When you hop into Grand Theft Auto Online, not only will you be able to transfer your multiplayer stats from the last gen version, but you'll also notice improved performance.

    Yes, both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 deliver fine experiences. However, GTA Online ran into noticeable problems when it first launched on October 1, last fall, and Rockstar ironed out these issues so the game runs at its full potential.

    For the Xbox One, PS4 and PC releases, you can expect Online to achieve optimal performance from the start, so you won't have to worry about connection issues or glitches. Hiccups will occur with so many people jumping online, but considering the power of the machines, it'll put on quite a show.

    Possible gameplay additions

    The core gameplay of Grand Theft Auto 5 will remain intact, but it wouldn't be a surprise if Rockstar Games made necessary tweaks.

    For instance, with the PlayStation 4 version, Rockstar might include a secondary steering option that works with the gyroscope built into the PlayStation 4 controller. Meanwhile, with the Kinect, there’s always the chance of shouting taunts at other players in Grand Theft Auto Online, or perhaps even interacting with the main game itself.

    These are just possibilities. The general gameplay of Grand Theft Auto 5 works fine without these additions, and Rockstar knows better than to mess with a proven formula. You can expect all versions of the game to play like a dream, even in the midst of an urban nightmare.

    Superior graphics bring Los Santos and Blaine County to life

    Finally, the most noticeable improvement made to the PS4, Xbox One and PC versions of Grand Theft Auto 5 will obviously be the visuals.

    Rockstar Games will make every effort to improve Los Santos and Blaine County. As you can see by the comparison video above, the draw distances are much greater, which makes flying around in a hang glider or helicopter more entertaining, now that you can see further. The environments will also go through vast changes, so the terrain looks more realistic, even when you're blasting through this scenery at high speeds in a sports car.

    Finally, there's a rumor that the new version of the game will have a faster frame rate, particularly on PC. However, Rockstar Games hasn't confirmed that yet. Even at 30 frames per second, though, this game will move along at a smooth clip.

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